September 22, 2021

Best Clip-In Hair Extension Brands

Best Clip-In Hair Extension Brands

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This article is about the best clip-in hair extension brands in 2023.

Extensions are worn for a myriad of reasons, from special occasions to a permanent change that you wear on the daily, to help rebuild your confidence after a trauma, be it illness or heartache – extensions are there to augment us and our look.

And clip-ins are even better as you can add length, add color, add va-va-volume, and much more with just a few clicks of a clip!

Hi, fellow hair friends! I’m Bianca, and I am a hair fanatic who has been down and long and twisting hair journey for the last 15 years. Name a hair color, length, and hair extension method and I have probably tried it! And today I am laying out all that wonderful knowledge here for you and helping you find the best clip-in brand to pledge allegiance to.

When I think of clip-in hair extension brands, the first one that springs to mind is GooGoo Hair. Without a doubt, their well-constructed wefts, beautiful Remy hair, and sturdy silicone-coated clips, responsive customer service, and HUGE color range puts them head and shoulders above the rest.

But don’t think for even one second that I’d only offer you one brand to deep dive into. I wouldn’t do you dirty like that, friend! I have a few brands that are reputable, and I am sure that within this article you will find the brand with your perfect next set of clip-ins!

So read on to get the scoop on which brands are best for you!

Quick Summary

4 Best Clip-In Hair Extension Brands

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best clip-in hair extension brands, together with a detailed review of each option.

GooGoo Hair

GooGoo Hair offers only 3 types of extensions, however, it is far better to do fewer things well in my book. Of these three extension types, the most popular range is their clip-in range. The clip-in range is legendary as being one of the best sets of extensions you can buy for this price range!

The clip-ins themselves are sturdy and constructed well with sturdy clips. The hair is very good, so this range of clip-ins has longevity and long-term appeal.

GooGoo Hair has really listened to its customers when it comes to its color range. As GooGoo Hair has a wide array of balayage, blonde, ombre, and shades, the extensions blend well with many hair colors and lengths.

The delivery period is fairly standard, ranging from 2 to 3 days, and doesn’t fall under Amazon’s Prime delivery, unfortunately. The extensions come in a standard plastic pouch, no fancy box here.

GooGoo Hair is a brand centered around customer service and making your journey as easy as possible. From whipping up custom creations with tailored thickness, length, and color blends, they can and will happily do it all for you!

ABH Amazing Beauty

ABH Amazing Beauty has a great range of clip-ins extensions, especially for African Americans. The range has various textures, styles, colors, and lengths which is easy to blend with a wide variety of hair types.

For the colored clip-ins, ABH Amazing Beauty offers weight ranges from 120 grams to 220 grams, which will make those with thicker hair happy. The hair is Remy quality, super soft, silky, shiny, and everything you want from hair extensions. The hair on offer throughout the brand is of good quality and retains its style well.

The colored clip-ins are offered in a wide range of colors, including solid-colored clip-ins as well as striped and ombre. There is a limited offering of natural colors and no fashion colors, so if you’re looking for a hot pink update, you won’t find it here.

The core range of clip-ins comes in various textures and styles such as natural curly, natural yaki, kinky straight, ombre curly, ombre kinky straight, and body wave. All of these different styles have straight colors as well as ombre, balayage colors, and more.

The wefts themselves are the old school weightier wefts, which is a pity as the new streamlined wefts are amazing. However, you can’t fault the older style for sturdiness and reliability.

Delivery is standard, with “order to doorstep” taking a couple of days and doesn’t include weekend days. It would be nice if they would include an option for faster shipping, but I guess you can’t have it all.


Wennalife is a blonde’s best friend. They certainly have their target market in mind and have niched down!

They offer a wide range of blonde-friendly clip-ins with SEAMLESS wefts. I love the new seamless wefts that are coming out at the moment. It’s especially handy for blondes, as we tend to have that fine, fine hair that is tough to hide a thicker weft in. If you have relaxed hair, you will fall in love with these beautiful hairs as well.

Wennalife extensions are light, thin, well-made and the hair itself is gorgeous and soft Remy hair. Wennalife has made great quality extensions, coupled with fast and friendly customer service. And it is paying off as they continue to amass a legion of fans.

The range of colors on offer includes rooted, balayage, and ombre in various color ranges. It does tend to be more blonde-friendly, but there are some solid options worth investigating if you are of a raven-haired siren.

Wennalife qualifies for Amazon Prime which is nice for that free delivery vibe, however, delivery isn’t speedy with 3 – 5 days as the soonest you’ll get most styles.


UrBeauty has an offering that is shorter in length than most extensions and focuses on offering a wider variety of textures. You will find kinky, curly, waves, and yaki textured hair extensions ready to clip in at around the 8 – 10 inches range. Shorter, but bouncy and beautiful.

I had a short wig from UrBeauty and the quality was stunning! I love it so much! I was wearing UrBeauty’s hair extensions to a friend’s wedding and have received so many compliments.

Another notable product on offer is a bodywave set of extensions that have a relaxed texture to them. These are longer and are closer to a classic set.

Regardless of which range you decide to go with, the hair on offer is thick to the ends and constructed well. The price point of UrBeauty is very good, and they offer good value for money.

UrBeauty has good customer service, and they respond both in a timely manner and courteously. It’s a nice treat when having to deal with customer service is such a joy.

UrBeauty extensions qualify for Prime delivery and the speed is about 2 -3 days, which is fair.

My Verdict

Whereas you could pick to purchase clip-ins from any of the brands on this list, GooGoo Hair is a brand that delivers high-quality extensions coupled with a complimentary bespoke service and courteous customer service. The delivery is swift, the product is good, and the color range is gorgeous.

And for those reasons, it is my favorite clip-in hair extension brand. Have a brand you think I should review or add to the list? Leave your answers in the comments below!


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