August 2, 2021

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

how to hide hair extensions in very short hair

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Looking for a way to hide extensions in your short hair to achieve that flawless natural look? Here’s a detailed guide to help you hide extensions and blend them perfectly with your natural hair. Not even an eagle-eyed stylist could clock a seam!

My name’s Tee, and with over 6 years of experience using various kinds of human hair extensions and wigs, you can bet I’ve got all the insider tips and secrets to help you achieve the perfect long-haired look.

I know how difficult it can be trying to attach extensions to short hair seamlessly. Especially with very short hair. In this guide, I’ll hold your hand and show you everything you need to know when it comes to hiding hair extensions. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

If you’re curious to know what tips I’ve got to share with you, keep reading!

Step-by-step Guide to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Here are the detailed steps for hiding extensions in very short hair.

Step 1: Getting the Right Hair Extension

The first step in hiding hair extension is getting the right extension. The ultimate aim of an extension is to add more volume and length to your hair. Hence, the extension has to look like your natural hair in every way.

The best hair extensions for short hair are tape extensions and clip-in extensions. Tape hair extensions are super undetectable and blend perfectly beneath your natural hair and give a flawless finishing. They are also very light and don’t cause much strain on the scalp.

Clip-in extensions are great for short hair as well. They’re quick and easy to apply. Just clip in and you’re good to go!


One of the most important things to look for is the color of the hair extension. You should ensure that it’s as close to a match with your natural hair as possible. To get the perfect shade, you shouldn’t shop online because the color may be deceiving. Ensure you buy physically at a hair extension store.

But if you can’t get your preferred shade, you can dye the extensions to a color that matches the ends of your hair. However, only dye extensions darker and only a couple shades darker, if possible.


It’s preferable to use a hair extension length that is not too far from your natural hair. This is because; the longer the extension, the more grip it requires for a more natural look.

Hence, you should use a length that your natural hair would be able to grip— 18 to 20 inches is often a sweet spot. But, if your hair is long enough, you can go for 22 to 30 inches.

Texture and Density

If you have thick hair, it’s best to get thick extensions so they blend properly with your hair. The same applies if you have thin hair— use a thinner extension. It’s also advisable to go for a fuller hair type— between 180 to 220 grams of hair to make the layers look more like your own.

This is also because a lot of wefts are needed to properly fix the extension without leaving any trace. A thin hair type may not properly blend the weft properly and give you away.

Step 2: Brushing the Hair

After you have chosen the right extension, it’s time to get down to business. Brush both your hair and the extensions, smoothing them out and making sure they are tangle-free.

Make sure you use an extension-friendly brush like a tangle teaser. If you would like some curls, you can curl the extensions before fixing them.

Step 3: Attaching the Hair Extension

Pull back most of your hair, but leave a small amount towards the nape of your neck. This is the hair that usually sticks out when placing extensions and is a tell-tale sign. Braid, fold, or roll the small amount, and pin it down flat to your head to help hide the shorter pieces. 

Along this line is where you’ll start to fix the extensions. Some people prefer to go below the rolled hair and some people find those hairs to sensitive,

After attaching the first row of extension clips to the nape of your neck, move onto the fuller parts of your hair. Divide your hair into sections, and carefully attach the extension rows into the divided sections.

Step 4: Blending Your Hair With the Extension

Now that you’ve attached the hair extension to your hair, it’s time to blend it all together and give it that seamless look! Your extensions should be quite similar in color and texture to your own hair, making this step fairly easy.

The best way to blend your natural hair into the extension hair is to add soft glamorous waves. I recommend using a curling wand over a pair of straighteners if you haven’t curled long hair before.

Carefully brush out all your hair with a hair extension brush, be very gentle so you don’t remove the waves. Next, put on some hair spray your hair that ultra-luxurious look.

This is the ultimate blending technique, as it makes your hair look natural and seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to some commonly asked questions regarding how to hide extensions in very short hair.

When Can I Get Extensions on Short Hair?

Who says you can’t transform yourself to look like Rapunzel, regardless of your short hair? If you have at least 3 to 5 inches of natural hair you can wear long extensions. For tape and clip-in extensions, you need your natural hair to be at least 3 inches. 

This is necessary so the clips or tapes are not attached directly to the roots of your hair, as that can be uncomfortable and pull your hair  You also need some length to properly cover the clip or tape base so it’s perfectly hidden and blended. 

How Many Hair Extensions Do I Need for Short Hair?

The amount of hair extensions you’ll need depends on how short your natural hair is. The shorter your hair is, the more extensions you’ll need. 

On the other hand, if your hair is quite full and long, you won’t need as many extensions just to add volume. A few clip-ins the same length and color as your hair will do the trick.

If your natural hair is currently 3 to 4 inches long, you will need a full head of hair extension to achieve the perfect transformation.

Final thoughts 

With this informative guide, you should be on your way to being a pro at hiding hair extensions in any length of hair. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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