October 13, 2021

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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This article is about the best clip in hair extensions for thin hair available in 2023.

If you dream of long, thick hair, but you naturally grow thin hair that breaks around shoulder height, don’t worry! I have a fabulous solution for you!

My name is Bianca, and I am a platinum blonde, extension-obsessed, thin-haired human from London, England, I have been trying, sometimes-succeeding-sometimes-failing, and experimenting with different extension methods over the last 15 years.
And I’m here to help you fulfill your big-haired ambitions!

Of all the clip in extensions I have tested, I like GooGoo Human Hair Clip Ins the most. The caramel blonde colors are beautiful, and the hair quality is very, very good.

All of my recommendations today have the PU weft, as this new technology is a game-changer for us thin-haired humans. But should you want something lighter, darker, or longer than GooGoo has to offer then keep reading!
I have some suggestions to delight you!

Quick Summary

4 Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair Reviewed

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best, clip in extensions for thin hair, together with a detailed review for each option.

GooGoo Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7pieces
  • Extension length: 14-22 inches
  • Volume: 130-150 grams
  • Best for: Overall

GooGoo is a hair brand that has amassed a legion of fans and followers due to its consistency in quality. Both of the hair they source and the presentation of it.

The tapes are sticky, the sewn, double drawn, and new PU wefts are all well made. The PU wefts are very thin, and the clips well adhered, so the whole thing feels sturdy and stable when installed in your head.

The wefts themselves are so thin, you can place them quite high up on your head without them being noticeable or visible. This is important because the higher the weft is on your head, the more uniform and seamless your hair appears lower down.

The new PU technology means that there is almost no shedding at all. The hair used is 100% Remy human hair and is very healthy with no damaged end.

The only downside is that as these types of extensions are so new, GooGoo has only invested in creating 9 color options. And none of them are blonde.

So, currently, these are wonderful extensions for auburn and darker-haired humans, but for the fairer colors, we will have to wait until GooGoo expands this range a bit more.

Full Shine Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 8 pieces
  • Extension length: 12-22 inches
  • Volume: 110 grams per pack
  • Best for: Blonde Hair

Completely on the other end of the spectrum to GooGoo Hair, Full Shine has invested in creating 23 different color options, and a whopping 13 of those options are for blondes!

Full Shine has beautiful, creamy blonde colors which take ages to start going brassy, and they also use some of the best hair quality around. With proper care, these clip-ins can last up to a year.

The clips themselves are sturdy and the wefts sizes are well thought out. As the wefts are the new PU technology, they are almost invisible and very comfortable to wear.

The one problem I have with these extensions is that they come in at 100grams per pack without the weight of the clips. That means you will need 2 packs for a full head, making these very expensive.

One way around this is you can request a thicker pack with 180 grams of hair, as Full Shine takes custom orders for both weight and color. 180 grams is more than enough to add volume and length for a full head.

Maxfull Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14-24 inches
  • Volume: 110 grams per pack
  • Best for: Extreme Length

24 inches of, full to the ends, healthy, gorgeous hair, is what Maxfull Extensions have to offer. That is long. I usually enjoy mermaid-length hair, but I usually top out at 22 inches. 

Maxfull has a very respectable 14 color options available. Of those, 7 are offered in the extra-long length, and (very unsurprisingly) none of those are blonde. I imagine it must be near-impossible to process blonde hair that much and get it to 24 inches AND still be full to the ends.

Again, these clip in wefts feature the PU weft technology, making them very thin and almost invisible installed even in the thinnest hair. The clips have also been upgraded in these extensions. These extensions are now being offered with claw snap clips, which protect the natural hair from damage.

Once you wash these extensions, they can get a bit of a wavy texture to them. For me, that wasn’t a bad thing, as I tend to curl them anyway. However, if you want them to be poker straight, you will need to heat style them.

Wennalife Human Hair Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14-22 inches
  • Volume: 130 grams per pack
  • Best for: Dark Hair

Wennalife officially offers the thickest extensions on this list! These extensions are thick to the ends and also thick when it comes to hitting those scales.

As these PU extensions are so new, Wennalife is currently only offering 10 color options, exclusively to jet black, mid-brown, and highlighted caramels.

Blondes need not apply.

However, should you fall in this color range, you can expect a thick set of luscious extensions with sturdy clips, thin wefts, and hair that is thick to the ends.

These extensions are very comfortable and the clip placement on the weft is perfect, so they sit very close to the scalp. I would go as far as to say that if you get your color matching right, these wefts are actually invisible.

The clip ins are a little thin if you get the 20-22 inch, so if you want a full head with one set, I would get an 18-inch set and style them in large curls. This adds body to the extensions and makes it very hard to spot where your own hair blends into them.

Guide to Buying Clip In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different sets of affordable hair extensions.

What Are PU Wefts?

Previously, hair wefts have been made by sewing the hair with a special sewing machine. These wefts then had clips attached, and you clip them into your head.

The new technology means that they are now beginning to use thin, silicone wefts to which the hair and clips are bonded to.

PU “Seamless” Wefts Vs Traditional Wefts

Right, so here is the reason why EVERY SINGLE recommendation in this list uses the new PU technology for their wefts.

It is better in every way, especially when it comes to thin hair.

  • The silicone is more flexible than traditional wefts, so it sits flatter on your head. 
  • The silicone is bonded with the hair, so you have barely any shedding.
  • The clips are bonded to the silicone, so they are very sturdy and don’t move.
  • The silicone wefts are thinner than traditional wefts, which means they are easier to hide.
  • The silicone wefts are lighter than traditional wefts, so you can wear them longer, without discomfort.

This is why I recommend when buying clip-in extensions, try to find PU seamless wefts to make sure your hair is gorgeous without showing the world you are wearing extensions. They are very easy to hide in thin hair.

The Clips

When you have thin hair, it is usually fine and soft, too (or worse, brittle). 

Keep a lookout for clips that have a silicone coating on them. The silicone coating on the clips helps protect your natural hair from damage. 

A silicone coating on the clips also helps stop the clips from slipping in your hair and causing damage.

One TOP TIP from me, is I very gently tease the base of my hair where I want to place the clip. I add a bit of dry shampoo and gently brush the hair towards the root. This adds volume to my hair, gives the clip something to grip too, and helps hide the weft.

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

My friend has really fine thin hair, and she gave me a great tip, when you apply the clip in hair extensions, spray some hair spray on the clips of your clip-ins, and tease the hair where the clips will go.

Follow this video for great tips to install clip in hair extensions if you have fine thin hair.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to clip-in hair extensions for thin hair.

Do clip in extensions cause hair loss?

If you misuse them, wear them incorrectly, and ignore all the many warning signs, then yes. They can cause hair loss.
However, if you take care of your extensions, wear them correctly, and have maintenance by a professional at the correct times, then NO. Hair extensions absolutely will not cause hair loss.

What hair extensions are best for thin hair?

Tape-in extensions have a fairly seamless bond, which is practically invisible. They are also very light, so they don’t tug too much on thin hair. Tape-ins are very good for thin hair and, when installed and maintained correctly, don’t do any damage to your hair.

However, tape-ins are more like permanent hair extensions. If you are looking for hair extensions for temporary use, clip-ins are great options.

Why is my hair so thin after extensions?

Generally, it’s a perception thing if you’ve maintained your extensions correctly and installed and removed your extensions correctly.

Your hair FEELS thin. Because you’ve taken about 180 grams of hair out of your head,
So it’s going to feel horribly thin.

Another thing to remember, especially with semi-permanent methods, is that the method will hold hairs that have been naturally shed in place. So you aren’t just removing your extensions, you are removing all the hairs that have naturally shed over the last four weeks too.

It’s the same when you have extensions installed for the first time, your hair feels massively thick and voluminous.

We have written an article helping you to repair your hair after extensions, check it out!

My Verdict

Even though the GooGoo Human Hair Clip Ins have a limited color range, I still think they are the best overall as the quality of the wefts, clips, and hair is very good for the price you pay.

Add to that a responsive customer service department and fast shipping, and you have a winning combo!

Tell me, my thin-haired friends, did I miss a clip in set? Did you try any of these and love them?

Post pictures in the comments below!


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