August 1, 2021

Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

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In this article, I’ll talk about the best clip-in extensions for thick hair in 2023.

Allow me to introduce myself! My name’s Katy and as someone who has tried and tested many hair extensions myself, I’ve got years of experience and knowledge to share. 

I’m a seasoned hair extension user and have tried several brands and types of hair extensions, especially when it comes to thick hair. My own hair is on the thicker side, so I know what I’m talking about here!

When it comes to the best clip-in hair extensions for thick hair, the best overall product in my opinion is FAAAL human hair clip-in extensions. They are high-quality made, comes with many color and length options. 

While FAAAL takes the gold, there are other great options too, and lets take a look at all options we recommend so you can pick the best clip in hair extensions or thick hair!

Quick Summary

3 Best Clip-In Extensions for Thick Hair

Here are the detailed reviews of my recommendations:

FAAAL Human Hair Extensions

  • Key Features: Remy human hair, double weft, and color-matching clips
  • Density: Up to 200 grams
  • Clip Amount: 16 clips
  • Best for: Overall

FAAAL Hair produces Brazilian Remy human hair extensions in various lengths, densities, and colors, so you can get a color match close to your own hair color and desired thickness. If it’s not an exact match, that’s okay!

Remy hair can be darkened, so just buy a set of extensions in a color a bit lighter than your own hair, then darken it to match.

The wefts are doubled, which makes the clips more stable, staying in place when and where you need them to. Having double wefts also gives it a thick and full lust-worthy look..

FAAAL Hair extensions make sure to match the clips to the hair color. Leaving you with nothing to be seen but beautiful, long hair.

So what’s the biggest drawback to these extensions? Despite the double weft, they can run on the thin side. If you have extremely thick hair, play it safe and order two sets just in case. Having more hair to play with adds to the versatility of the clip-ins!

DeeThens Clip in Wavy Hair Extensions

  • Key Features: Hidden crown clip-in style, invisible clips, and breathable inner mesh
  • Density: 260 grams
  • Clip Amount: 9 clips
  • Best for: Budget

These clip-in hair extensions have a full hidden crown clip-in style which means you’ll have fewer clips to fuss with when putting these in. They clip in around the crown of your head, making it easy to blend and style. I love that this is a high-quality thick clip-in extension without breaking the bank.

Speaking of clips, these hair extensions are made with an invisible design for the clips. This means the wefts of hair completely cover the clips, leaving you with nothing but flawless hair from your scalp to the tips of your new, long locks!

There’s breathable inner mesh attached to the clips for an invisible and natural fit to your scalp. The inner mesh helps the hair lay flat and blend in with your own hair.

The downside to these, they’re made of synthetic strands, which have a tendency to tangle more easily than human hair extensions.

SixStarHair Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Key Features: Variety of colors, 100% Remy human hair, color matched clips
  • Density: Up to 240 grams
  • Clip Amount: 20 clips
  • Best for: Naturally dense human hair

SixStarHair makes Remy human hair extensions with a weight of up to 240 grams and claims their hair extensions add big volume when clipped in. Other buyers agreed that these extensions were very thick and looked full and natural.

These clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and colors, including different types of blonde, brown and grey colors, making it easy to get just the right match to your own hair. They even offer hair extensions sets with highlights colored.

They are made from 100% Remy human hair, meaning these are safe to use with hair straighteners and curling irons. Human hair extensions are also safe to wash and dye; you can treat them just like your own hair!

The wefts are designed with clips that are strong and are color-matched to the hair. SixStarHair makes sure to do this so your wefts go unseen.

The downside to these? The clips weren’t quite strong enough or sewed in tight enough to handle the weight and movement of the hair. Want a quick fix for that? Add a few stitches of your own with a needle and thread to keep these clips secured to your noggin.

What to Consider: Best Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Consider the following factors when you’re shopping for a set of clip-in hair extensions for thick hair.

Human vs Synthetic

Hair extensions can be split into two categories; Human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair extensions can be categorised further into virgin, Remy, or processed hair. Synthetic strands are man-made fibers that are often made of acrylic or nylon.

Hair Density

Most hair extensions come in a variety of densities, so you can match the thickness of your own hair. Medium to thick hair should have clip-in extensions that weigh between 125-175 grams. 

Extra thick hair should have clip-in extensions that are at least 175 grams, but the higher the number, the better the odds of getting locks that match the thickness of your natural hair. 

Be sure to subtract the weight of the clips if possible from the actual weight of the hair to find the weight of the hair alone.

Clip Amount

The amount of clips is important to take into account when shopping for clip-in extensions for thick hair. The more clips attached to the wefts could provide extra security when it comes to keeping the hair attached to your head. 

It’s important to check the amount of wefts attached to the clips as well. Are they double wefted? Triple wefted? 

The more wefts that are layered against each other, the stronger the clips will need to be to hold all that hair together! Metal clips are ideal for holding all that hair in place. 

Wrapping Up

Now that your soon-to-be hair extension-ed head is full of knowledge, go forth and make that purchase! 

I believe that FAAAL Human Hair Extensions because of the value it offers. You’ll have a great hair day every day and be able to take them out at night for a comfortable night’s rest.

Hey, beauty sleep is important too!


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