August 31, 2021

How to Make a Lace Front Wig Look Natural

how to make a lace front wig look natural

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How to make a lace front wig look natural?

That is a one-million-dollar question that needs a detailed and articulated answer.

I am Rosalba, an intrepid wig wearer who loves these beauty tools as her own hair. For this reason, I created an easy and practical guide to help you make your lace front wig as natural as possible.

To discover more, read all the steps of this guide.

Step-by-step Guide

Follow the steps below to make your lace front wig look natural and beautiful.

Step 1: Buy High-Quality Wigs

A lace front wig is developed to seem natural, but it has a small problem: the front lace.

This fabric is sewn on the part of the forehead, and if you don’t pay the necessary attention when installing the wig, this fabric will pop out along with the sews.

Hence, to avoid this unpleasant hassle, I suggest that you buy a high-quality lace front wig.

Usually, quality lace front wigs are constructed with a nearly invisible portion of front lace so that you don’t have to cut the excess fabric when you install the wig. Cutting is another work of art, and if you cut the external lace with visible jags, the wig will never appear natural.

Step 2: Choose a Lace Front Wig with the Same Sizes of your Head

This detail is often overlooked, but it can really differentiate between a natural and an unnatural look. If you choose a wig with the same size as your head, you’ll avoid spaces between the surface of the wig and your scalp. These spaces, indeed, reveal that you wear a wig!

Step 3: Pick a Lace Front Wig Fitting the Shape of your Face

This stage is as important as the previous one. If you wear a wig with a hairstyle that does not fit your face shape, the result will be absolutely unnatural. If your face is oval, you can choose any type of hairstyle: long, medium, straight, short, and curly.

By contrast, if your face is rounded or squared, you should pick hair bob wigs, long layered hair wigs, or medium curly hair wigs. This solution will make your lace front wig look real.

Step 4: Pre-Bleach the Knots

Even though your lace front wig has the same color as your hair, the knots never have the identical nuances of our natural hairdo.

For this reason, bleach the knots before wearing the wig. Perform this operation through a 20-30 volume hair bleach until the knots reach the same tone of your true hair.

Step 5: Use a Cap with the Same Color of your Skin

Before wearing a lace front wig, it is better to wear a stocking cap to flat the tied hair. By the way: avoid a ponytail because you would obtain a swollen surface that does not make the wig look natural.

Returning to the stocking cap, choose a color that is similar to your skin. Brown cap if you are black, and light hues if you are white. This way, the hairline where the wig is placed will mimic the color of the skin with an absolutely natural effect.

A lace front wig, in fact, gets applied along the hairline of your forehead, and if the stocking cap has a different skin color, it will be easily visible, making the look of the wig scarcely natural.

Step 6: Part the Wig on a Side, Comb or Use a Wig with Fringe

A lace front wig is developed to give you the pleasure of choosing your favorite hairline. You can part the strands on the left or on the right and move them to your liking. This feature allows you to choose the direction that better hides any visible parts of the wig, such as the sews.

Combing is another good solution to make your lace front wig more natural. Try a messy style, with scattered strands, as if moved by the wind. This way, any artificial details of the wig will remain perfectly hidden.

If parting and combing are not enough, you can use a wig with fringe. Usually, this hairstyle is suitable for oval faces because it is straight and long. The fringe, anyway, hides the sews of the lace front wig.

Step 7: Dye the Wig

In addition to the previous steps, you can also dye the wig. You can perform this operation with the help of your hairdresser. Try gradual transitions of colors, such as balayage or shatush. These are techniques to bleach only the ends of the wig’s hair, while the rest of the strands remain darker.

The contrast between clear and dark strands makes the lace front wig natural because it hides any imperfections of the same wig.

This way, you’ll have a glamorous look that gives the stunning illusion of having your natural hair.


As seen in all the steps above, making a lace front wig natural is like playing hide and seek. You must act as a wizard or an illusionist to give others the illusion to have your true hair instead of a wig.

Check the following questions to find solutions that make your wig as realistic as possible.

How Do You Hide the Front Lace on a Wig?

Usually, the most visible detail of this type of wig is the front lace. Sometimes, it is pretty much visible along the central hairline.

To hide it and make the wig seem real, try plucking the strands of the wig with eyebrow tweezers.

Pull them slightly to avoid ripping the lace. Then, dye the plucked hairline with the same color of your hair. This trick will totally hide the front lace.

How Can I Make My Lace Invisible?

The main hassle of a lace front wig is just the front lace. To make it invisible, you should literally merge it with your skin.

Fortunately, this problem is not so complicated to be fixed. First of all, cut the excess lace as I explained in my article about installing this type of wig.

If you have difficulty cutting, ask your hairdresser to do that on your behalf. He’ll perform the cut perfectly, and the excess lace will be nicely removed.

Any visible pieces of lace can also be made invisible with a specific hairspray. This product contains a powder that makes the front lace of your same skin color.

Wrapping Up

Follow my guide step by step. Don’t skip any step. Even though these steps look like simple tips, they must be followed one by one.

Read the FAQs, also, to get a complete overview about how to make your lace front wig real as your hair.

And, finally, send me a line. I am always happy to help my readers deal with the wonderful world of wigs!


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