July 22, 2021

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for Blondes

best clip in hair extensions for blondes

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This is a review of the best clip in hair extensions for blondes in 2023.

I’m Bianca, I’m a natural blonde, who was born with fine hair that goes wispy when it gets past my shoulders. For as long as I can remember, I have lusted after the gorgeous blonde tresses sported by my favorite celebrities. Then I discovered extensions, and so began a 15-year love affair with great hair.

By far, one of the easiest and quickest methods for getting instantly jaw-dropping hair is the ever-so humble clip-in. So, allow me to share with you my favorite clip in hair extensions for blondes. The BEST clip-in extensions for blondes that I have found are GOO GOO Hair with the F Color Range.

The GOO GOO Hair Clip-ins have a wide range of tones, multi-tones and ombre tones all targeted at blondes. The hair quality is out of this world, making them long-lasting and amazing value for the money!

There are many clip in extensions available on the market, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top four based upon personal experience.

Read on for your guide to instantly fabulous hair!

Our Best Clip In Extensions for Blondes

4 Best Best Clip In Extensions for Blondes Reviewed

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best blonde clip in extensions, together with a detailed review for each option.

GOO GOO Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Ombre and highlighted blonde hair
  • Volume: 120g per 14 inch pack
  • Texture: Medium hair
  • Best for: Multi-tonal blondes

Goo Goo hair has exquisite, clip in human hair extensions with multi-tonal and ombre colors specifically for blondes. The F Color range works with a variety of different blondes.

These clip ins are 9A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair so they can be cut, colored, and curled just like your own hair. Just like your own hair, though, if you want to color or cut them, consult a stylist.

As Goo Goo’s clip in hair extensions are relatively thick, one pack will suit most hair textures, which makes it an amazing value for the money too.

If you are trying to add a lot of length, such as going from an on-the-shoulder bob to 22inch mermaid hair, it is recommended to get 2 packs of hair as 1 pack might not blend seamlessly.

Lacer Hair Extensions with Invisible Clips

  • Key features: 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Ultra Thin PU Weft
  • 5 mm Outer Glue
  • Best for: Fine hair

Lacer clip in blonde extensions are the perfect purchase for ladies with fine hair looking to experience a full, voluminous look. Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, Lacer clip in extensions can be cut, styled, and dyed, without any shedding or tangles.

Lacer hair extensions come in lengths from 14 inches-22inches long, so whether you want to add volume, length, or a little of both, these are a great option for fine haired ladies looking for fabulous hair solutions.

With an Ultra-Thin PU Weft and a 5 mm outer glue, these extensions are almost invisible.

These clips are BEST for fine haired people, with smooth hair. If your hair is thick or coarse, these are not for you.

HUAYI Hair Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Top 10A Grade 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Custom-made extensions
  • Texture: Medium to thick hair
  • Best for: Custom-made hair extensions

Huayi human hair extensions are high-quality, 100% Remy human hair with an affordable price tag. They are soft, silky, and very long-lasting.

These luscious locks come in lengths from 14-22 inches, and 8 different color tones. They can be dyed, heat styled, and trimmed to match your natural hair perfectly.

If you’re worried about getting an exact color match or have concerns about your hair thickness, contact them, and they will help you by creating custom extensions just for you!

The platinum color is more of a yellow blonde than a true platinum, so if you are a cool-tone platinum, these won’t match straight out the box and will have to be toned.

Winksy Remy Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Good range of blonde colors
  • Good for shoulder-length styles
  • Texture: Quite fine
  • Best for: Budget-friendly blonde extensions

Winksy hair extensions are great for adding a little volume to shorter, fine hair. People with shoulder-length hair will benefit from these 58g clip in extensions to add a bit of bulk and thickness.

These clip in hair extensions are good for people with fine hair as the extensions are quite delicate with fine hair on the extensions themselves.

The human hair extensions come in a good range of colors, so all types of blondes will find what they need here.

If you have longer hair or are looking to add length to your hair, these aren’t for you, and I wholeheartedly recommend saving up a little more and purchasing one of the recommendations mentioned above.

Guide to Buying Clip In Extensions for Blondes

There are endless types of extensions to choose from, and I have a few must-know tips to help narrow down which type of clip ins will work best for you.

Human vs Synthetic

Wherever possible, always buy human hair. Synthetic hair tangles quickly and, unless you are only planning on using it once for a photoshoot, it has no durability. Human hair responds well to treatments, can be heat styled and even colored.

Good quality human hair extensions when treated well with heat protectors, serums, oils, and regular washing and conditioning, will last 12 months and over.

Consider Your Color

When deciding on your best color match, a top tip is to take a close-up photo of your hair in natural light and compare the photo to the color swatches online. It’s not an exact science but should help guide you towards the right extensions.

It is quite easy to make hair extensions darker; it is near-impossible to make them lighter without ruining them. Always err on the side of caution and pick the lighter shade when choosing between two colors. 

If it’s too light, a semi-permanent wash will darken it down with no damage, and minimal fuss.

Lastly, when in doubt, ask the seller for their guidance.

More is More

When adding length to your hair, especially fine hair, always budget on getting two packs of human hair extensions. You probably won’t use all the clips, but having double the amount of hair to play with will give you the flexibility to get the perfect blend and placement.

Also, having the additional wefts of extensions to rotate through will mean less wear and tear on your purchases and an easier maintenance schedule for you. So it is really worth the extra effort.

My Verdict

Clip in extensions are a quick, easy and long-lasting solution to thin or short hair. Bleaching, tinting, and heat styling can make it particularly difficult for blondes to grow long hair, so save your tresses and use clip ins!

I found that GOO GOO Hair with the F Color Range is the best overall human clip in hair extensions for blondes as they are thick, silky, soft, comfortable, and are specifically targeted to accommodate a multitude of different blonde shades.


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