October 6, 2021

Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

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This is a list of celebrities who wear wigs.

Wigs have been around for… well, centuries. From Cleopatra to Cardi B, a wig has been used to elevate looks and convey grandeur throughout history. And now more than ever, wigs are being used by our favorite celebrities to keep innovating and uplifting their style on a daily.

And I don’t know about you, but I am here for it! 

Hi there friends! I’m Bianca – a wig-wearing, theater girl from jolly London. I have specialized knowledge such as, “Which wig is best to wear when performing both a fire act and a contortionist act in quick succession”, and other random facts!

And I’m here to put my eagle eye to the world of celebrities to see who’s been turning up the heat when it comes to wigs!

I love a good wig. I’ve worked with everyone from serious actors through to circus artists and (my personal favorite) Drag Queens! Styling, performing, and swapping tips.

But how are those clever celebrities, singers, and socialites getting in on the wig action?

Let’s dive in and read on!

Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

Here is the list of celebrities who wear wigs.

Nicki Minaj

Source: wikipedia

Nicki Minaj is the Trinidadian rapper, singer, and songwriter who blasted onto our soundwaves and screens back in 2007. Raised in New York, her rap songs are animated and full of alter egos with a plethora of different accents.

She’s captured the hearts and attention of millions of fans around the world with her exaggerated style, animated personality, and AMAZING outfits, music videos, and red carpet appearances.

Nicki Minaj is a fierce fashion moment waiting to happen. She surprises, delights, and leaves us all desperate for more at every turn. She has made no secret of her enormous wig collection, which tends to have a Harajuku influence on them. This keeps Nicki’s wigs firmly in the pop, cute, and anime realm.

Wanna know a secret?

There’s one man behind this fierce queen who styles and creates all her wigs for her. Terrence Davidson is the man with the magic hands and has personally styled and curated every single wig in Nicki’s collection. Including the incredible beehive, hand-painted leopard-print hair she wore to the 2011 Grammy’s.

Dolly Parton

Source: wikipedia

Dolly Parton is an icon, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, author, humanitarian, entertainer, and one hell of a businesswoman. She is instantly recognizable to many generations for her big heart, big outfits, and even bigger hair.

Dolly Parton has a wig collection that is big enough to rival Marie Antoinette’s! In fact, she loves wigs so much that she is in talks to bring out her own line of wigs, hairpieces, and hair products.

The 75-year old songstress says that her favorite wig is also quite possibly her most famous wig, too. You can catch a peep of it on the cover of her book “Songteller”.

Even when Dolly isn’t working, she says she still likes to put on some makeup every day. And even when she isn’t going out, if that doorbell rings, she says she makes a stop past her wig room first, “as you never know who is at the door”.

Dolly Parton has been wearing wigs since the 1960’s. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of her WITHOUT her beloved wigs, have a read through of my article here

Cardi B

Source: wikipedia

Cardi B, the no-filter, insta-famous, ex-stripper who always says it straight and unfiltered, regardless if she’s on TV, social media, the red carpet, or a cafe in the Bronx.

She started stripping when she was 19 as it was the only way for her to get enough money to get out of her tough neighborhood in the South Bronx, and go back to school.

It was on those stages however that she discovered her love of performing, costuming, and wigs! She was always a singer, songwriter, and rapper, but she credits that experience as helping her be a full-blown performer too. 

Cardi B’s iconic style incorporates a myriad of neon-colored wigs that range from shoulder-length to 32 inches long.

Her most iconic wigs include a baby pink number with blunt bangs and a pink bow made out of hair, a rainbow ombre wig ranging from purple roots through to neon pink waist-length ends, and WHO CAN FORGET her red, Rapunzel length wig that she wore in her Poison Ivy inspired photoshoot featured in the Latina Beauty Book.


And who is more fitting to create legendary wigs than the one and only Tokyo Stylez? Tokyo Stylez is THE wig whisperer to the stars, and I can guarantee her name will pop up a few more times in this article. 

Kylie Jenner

Source: wikipedia

This pouting princess, who grew up into a diva in front of us during her years on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is known for changing her hair and style more often than most people buy new outfits.

The whole clan of Kardashian-Jenners are wig-wearing wonder women, however, Kylie has a particular affinity with wigs that made me pick her specifically for this article.

Kylie has been pictured with neon locks, blunt cuts, ankle-length tresses, pastel colors aplenty, and much more. She has had so many iconic wig moments that if I started listing them, we would be here all day.

But a few of my favorites are:

  • The baby pink, waist length, ponytail she rocked with the pink PVC dress for her and ex-best friend, Jordyn Woods, makeup launch.
  • The ICONIC lavender lace front wig she paired with a lavender gown on the Met Gala carpet in 2019.
  • And another for 2019 is her Halloween costume. The gorgeous blonde wig that she wore for her “Gentlemen prefer blondes” Marylin Monroe moment. Devastating, gorgeous, and achingly cool.

And who has styled over 100 wigs for Miss Jenner? You guessed it, that crafty, creative force that is Tokyo Stylez.

Are you even a celebrity if she hasn’t styled a wig for you?

Jennifer Lopez

Source: wikipedia

Now, she may say she’s Jenny from the block, but we all know better. J-Lo is the 52-year old megastar with a diva attitude and a list of ex-spouses longer than my arm.

She has had some iconic fashion moments in her decades in the spotlight but is a bit more subtle when it comes to her wigs than some other celebrities on this list. She’s known more for her waist-length extensions and natural colors.

However, she has switched it up from chin-length bob back to mermaid-worthy waist-length hair in a few days, and that you can only do with the help of a wig, friends.

However, in her music videos, this is all a different story. Her music video for In The Morning featured a range of different wigs, including the gorgeous unicorn-themed lilac and pink ombre wig of my dreams!

Recently, JLo posted on her Instagram a picture of her trying on a thigh-skimming, blonde wig in her WIG ROOM.

I’ll just add this to my personal “things I never knew I needed” pile.

As she is a little reticent about her wig-wearing ways, JLo hasn’t made public who styles her wigs. We can all agree, however, that whoever it is is a true artist.

Bottom Line

Now I know this list could go on forever! There are male celebrities who wear wigs (read about them here), and other divas like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Sia.

So maybe we should do a second round of Divas who wear wigs?

So tell me, which divalicious, wig-wearing, diva would you like to read about next?

Let me know in the comments below! 


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