July 6, 2021

How to Store Hair Extensions

how to store hair extensions

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If you want your hair extensions to look long, luscious, and glossy every time you wear them, you’ll need to store them properly. Besides keeping them in fab condition, proper storage will also extend their lifeline. 

I’m Lori, and I’ve been a hair extensions enthusiast for over six years. I love the way extensions add instant volume and light up my look. But I’ve discovered over time that hair extensions don’t last long if you just leave them hanging around. 

In this article, I want to share with you some tips on how to store hair extensions to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible. I will provide answers to some commonly asked questions as well.

Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Before Storing Your Hair Extensions – Preparation

Let me show you a few of the best ways to store your extensions and keep them looking luscious. 

Brush Before Storing

Start by brushing your hair extensions to get rid of any tangles or knots. Putting them away without brushing them first will only worsen those tangles and make them a lot harder to remove when you bring them back out again.

Gather all the hair together and gently brush out the hair, starting at the ends working up to the roots. This technique prevents pulling, snagging, and breakage.

If there’s a particularly pesky knot, remove the individual weft and carefully brush it through. Doing this will prolong the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Close the Clips

This is an especially step when it comes to clip-ins, after removing your hair extensions, check that all the clips are closed. If you leave any of them open, they could end up getting broken in storage. 

Keep Them in a Dry, Cool Place

Choose a room or space where there’s not much moisture, as excess moisture can cause matting in your hair extensions. 

Tip: If you are going to store your extensions for a long period of time, you can wash and put some hair oil on them before storage, like treating your real hair! This can keep your hair in excellent condition, especially if you have dyed hair extensions.

Just always make sure your extensions are fully dry before packing them away to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on them!

I also advise keeping them away from direct sunlight. When your extensions are exposed to the sun, they may change color – especially with reds, coppers, and pastel tones.

Then, just pick a storage method from one of the below recommendations!

4 Best Ways to Store Hair Extensions

Here are my favorite ways to store my hair extensions.

In a Box

The easiest way to store your hair extensions is inside a clean, large transparent box. If they came in a box, feel free to use that too. You could also choose a large box with compartments to store each weft in. 

If you’re using a regular box, place all the wefts on one side of the box, one on top of the other, then roll them into a circle. You could even plait them beforehand so the next time you use them, and you’ve got beach waves.

In a Storage Bag

Whether it’s the packaging they came in or a proper hair extension storage bag, keeping your hair in a designated bag is the best way to protect them and prolong its lifespan. Storing your extensions in a bag will shield them from dirt, dust, and anything else that may cause damage. 

Travel frequently? A storage bag should be your first choice, as it fits nicely in your suitcase and preserves the shape and condition of your extensions. In other words, you can bring them out looking just as fabulous as they were when they went in. No tangles, no snagging, no breakage.

On Hangers

Do you wear your hair extensions daily? Placing them on hangers is the best storage method for you. Hanging up your extensions helps maintain their shape and keeps them looking as flawless as possible – for as long as possible.

All you need to do is clip each weft onto a separate hanger, one next to the other. Then simply bring them out anytime you want to use them. I love covering the hanger and the hairs with a clear suit bag to keep the dust away.

This is also an ideal method if you’ve styled your extensions and don’t want to compromise the look. Or if you’re stuck for time and want to pre-curl your extensions the day before an event. Hanging them up will maintain the curls – and save you a great deal of time!

In a Drawer

Got a spacey spare drawer you can use? Place a cotton towel at the bottom of it and gently lay your hair extensions on it. This is an excellent method for keeping them safe and dust-free. Plus, they’ll be easily accessible to you whenever you want some added length or volume.

Again, check that your drawer is clean and dry before storing your extensions in there.


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and their quick answers about storing hair extensions.

How to Store Curly Hair Extensions?

The best way to store curly hair extensions is to hang them on a hanger, cover them with a garment bag or a silk bag to reduce friction so they won’t get frizzy. Then hang them up in your closets.

For curly human hair extensions, no matter it’s deep waves, kinky twist, or any extensions that’s not straight, make sure you apply hair oil before storing them so these beautiful hairs will tangle less.

Which Hair Extensions Last Longest?

In my experience, sewn-in hair extensions (hair waves) can last the longest, and some high-quality products can last for two to three years with proper care.

If you only use hair extensions occasionally, with proper care and storage, finally made clip-in extensions can last for a long time too. 

Wrapping up

Hair extensions don’t come cheap, so it’s worth investing a little time into storing them correctly. With proper storage, your hair extensions will last a lot longer because they won’t be exposed to dust, dirt, mold, or other damaging factors. 

They’ll also be ready-to-use every time you bring them out – because you won’t be dealing with pesky knots and tangles.

Now you’ve heard how I like to store hair extensions, and it’ss over to you: what are your favorite methods for storing hair extensions? I can’t wait to hear your comments!


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