September 29, 2021

How to Make a Bob Wig

How to Make a Bob Wig

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Bob wigs never go out of style. There’s that classy aura and vibe that they just give you. If you want to switch things up from long, voluminous hair to something sleeker, edge-cutting, and to also give you a younger look, you should try the bob wig.

My name is Tee, and I took a hairstyling class last year. This provided me with a rich knowledge of making wigs and styling them as well. I can literally do this without batting an eye.

A bob wig is suitable for most face shapes. All you need do is style the bob wig such that it boosts your face shape and overall beauty. In this article, I’ll show you how to make a bob wig. In no time, you’ll become a pro yourself.

Come along. Let’s take a dive into knowledge!

Materials Required

Here are the tools you need to make a bob wig. You can easily find them on Amazon.

  • Hair bundles
  • Closure or frontal
  • Styrofoam head
  • Wig cap
  • Scissors or hair clipper
  • Thread
  • Curved needle
  • T-pins
  • Tweezers
  • Hair clips
  • Hair comb

How to Make a Bob Wig (Step-by-step Guide)

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to make a great bob wig.

Pro Tips

  • Before you make your wig, make sure you measure your head circumference. This is necessary for a great fit, and will also be a great guide for you to make the bob wig, and subsequent wigs as well.
  • A mesh wig cap is more suitable to make your wig than a nylon wig cap. Mesh gives you more room for breathability and overall comfort, as compared to a nylon wig cap.
  • Make sure you use a thread that blends with the bundles. For example, don’t use a white thread when you’re trying to make a black wig. It’s a no-no.

Step 1: Sew the Closure or Frontal

Place your wig cap on your styrofoam head. Make sure that the wig cap is the correct size of your head circumference. After that, use T-pins to pin down your closure on the closure component of the wig cap.

It’s a great choice to sew your closure first. It gives you a clearer objective when you’re sewing the body of the wig. Sew in your closure by sewing from underneath, till you trace out the entire outline of the closure.

The same applies if you’re using a frontal. Sew underneath the frontal by tracing the outline in which it is shaped. However, ensure you exert the utmost dexterity when doing this.

Step 2: Sew the Bundles

After sewing your closure, you can proceed to sew the bundles. If you’re using varying lengths of bundles, like 14”, 12”, and 10”. Start from the shortest length, which is 10”, and finish with the longest, which is 14”.

Start sewing the bundles from the bottom of the wig cap. You can make use of the fold-over method, instead of cutting several times. Keep sewing and folding over until you reach the ear area. 

When you get to the ear area, stop folding over and sew the bundles in single and flat pieces. This is to ensure that there is no bulkiness at the center of the wig, and that it remains flat. Trust me, you want your bob wig to be as flat and seamless as possible.

If your wig cap has flaps on the side, you can cut them out once you’re done sewing, or you can also sew some hair on it to make your ear sides fuller. It all depends on what you want.

Step 3: Brush and Trim

After sewing, brush the hair and tighten any loose strands or threading. After that, mark the length you want, and use your scissors or clipper to trim until all ends are equal. After trimming, comb the hair again and make sure the bog is equal at all edges.

Step 4: Style

Now that your wig has been trimmed, it’s time to give it the bob look and straighten it. But before straightening, and if you’re using a closure, you can make it look more natural by plucking the closure. This gives that seamless and realistic look.

Apply a heat protector before straightening, so you don’t fry your hair. Set the temperature of the straightener or hot comb to the degree that is compatible with your hair. Start straightening from the bottom of the wig, just like the order in which you sewed the bundles.

Straighten in a curved motion downwards or at the bottom so it has a slight curve and bump to it. This is what gives you that inward-curved bob look. After you’ve done this all around the bottom, spray some serum/hair mousse/leave-in conditions to tame down any hair flyaways and also to make the wig flat.

If you used a frontal instead, you can go on to pluck some hairs from the hairline so it also looks natural. You can also create some baby hair at the hairline if you’d like some.


Some of these questions may pop up while you’re trying to make your bob wig. Here are thoughtfully curated answers to them.

How Many Bundles Do I Need for a Bob Wig?

Well, it depends on how sleek, flat, or full you want the bob to be. If you’re using silky straight bundles, and you want that ultimate flat look, you should consider using 2 bundles. That should do the job, as long as you arrange the bundles well when you’re sewing.

On the other hand, if it’s a double-drawn texture and you want very thick and full hair, then 3 bundles would still give you that seamless natural look. 4 bundles would be extra full and too thick. But then, whatever rocks your boat!

How Do I Make My Bob Wig Look More Natural?

If it’s a closure wig, a great way to give that natural look is to create some baby hairs from the wig. However, if that doesn’t rock your boat, give your natural hair a center parting, lay your edges, then place the wig slightly away from your hairline, and right on top of the natural middle part you’ve created.

Then put some foundation, concealer, or brown powder on the part of the wig to make it blend together with your scalp. Make sure the color of your foundation or powder matches your scalp.

What Length is Great for a Bob Wig?

14”, 12”, 10” and 8” are great choices of length for a bob wig. Anything longer than that ain’t really a bob wig. However, 12” and 10” is often a sweet spot for most people. But then, you should only go for whatever rocks your boat! 

Final Thoughts

Ta-da! That rounds it up! Try something different with your hair. You’ll be amazed at how stunning you’ll look. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot them in the comment section.

Happy wigging!


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