June 27, 2022

Best Wig Shampoo

best wig shampoos

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This is a review of the best wig shampoo in 2023. 

I’m Alexis, a cosmetologist and I’ve been wearing wigs for over ten years. Over the years, I have used over hundreds of wig shampoos.

One of the best wig shampoos on the market is African Essence Control Wig Shampoo. This shampoo is best for both human hair and synthetic wigs and not only removes dirt and product buildup, but detangles hair, prevents dryness, and adds volume, silkiness, and shine. 

While we’re loving this one, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from to find the best wig shampoo for you. 

Today I’ll share a detailed review of a few top-rated choices. Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary

3 Best Wig Shampoo – Our Top Picks

This section will discuss my top picks for the best wig shampoos and a detailed review of each option.

African Essence Control Wig Shampoo

  • Key Feature: Adds sheen and revitalizes the natural look of any wig
  • Volume: 12 oz
  • Best for: Overall

The African Essence Control Wig Shampoo is a gentle shampoo made uniquely for both synthetic and human hair wigs. It’s designed to soothe and cleanse while dramatically reducing static and frizz.

This sulfate-free product does not strip the hair or dry out your wig while effectively removing oil buildup. With all of its nourishing components, it eliminates tangles, doesn’t weigh the hair down, and leaves the hair feeling soft and deep conditioned.

The moisture-rich formula fights against dry, rough hair and is safe for not only wigs but natural hair, hair extensions, and weaves. It is an ideal shampoo to extend your wig’s life and leaves behind a very pleasant smell in your hair.

Even though this shampoo is uniquely made for synthetic fibers and human hair, if you have a specific concern i.e you need more moisture or deep cleanse product buildup on your wig, you might want to choose a wig shampoo more tailored to your needs.

AGA Product – Awesome Human Wig Shampoo

  • Key Feature: Coconut oil, pH value of 6 
  • Volume: 7 oz
  • Best for: Human Hair 

Awesome human hair wig shampoo is a cleansing and conditioning shampoo that uses the best raw ingredients and sources to prolong the life of your wig. This product contains coconut oil, and naturally, the oil is popular for its nourishing effects. 

While this product moisturizes from deep within the strands, which greatly reduces tangles and frizz, this also enhances the silkiness of the hair.  

This shampoo has a pH value of 6, which helps prevents the wig from drying out. Additionally, it leaves behind a light, fresh feel and fragrance supplied by its natural seeds and oils.

While this shampoo is excellent for moisturizing, revitalizing, and conditioning, it could be too lightweight for hair with a lot of oil, dirt, and buildup. If you are looking for a shampoo that removes excess buildup and dirt, you might need to find a shampoo with a higher astringent quality.

Nicole & Alyssa Wig Shampoo For Synthetic Hair

  • Key Feature: Jojoba, Argan, & Black castor oil
  • Volume: 8 oz
  • Best for: Synthetic Hair

The Nicole & Alyssa wig shampoo is a cleansing shampoo formulated with jojobaargan, and black castor oil. It is particularly formulated for synthetic hair. It contains zero toxic chemicals and has a combination of ingredients that soften and renew synthetic fibers. 

This product contains the natural and essential nutrients your wig needs to maintain its perfect state.

The argan oil in the shampoo aims at making the hair look and feel moisturized, while the jojoba and coconut oil creates a silk protein that creates shine and bounce. 

This wig is essential for synthetic fibers, therefore it is highly clarifying and deep cleansing. If you want to maintain the quality of a human hair wig or extensions this wouldn’t be the shampoo for you to use as it can strip the hair of its natural color and dye.

What to Consider Before Buying A Wig Shampoo

Consider these factors when purchasing wig shampoo to make the best purchase.

Type Of Wig

Wigs are made from either synthetic hair or human hair. While purchasing a wig shampoo, you should remember that not all shampoos suit both types of hair. Some wig shampoos are suitable for synthetic hair, while others work well for human hair.

Some shampoos work for both. When shopping for both, make sure the shampoo specifically defines that it can treat each so as not to damage your wig hair fibers. 

Is Your Wig Colored?

Not all wig shampoos are safe for color-treated wigs. You should always pay extra attention to the shampoo if you are using a colored wig. If you use the wrong shampoo, your wig may get discolored over time.


Check the ingredients before purchasing a wig shampoo to ensure it does not contain anything you are allergic to. Some wig shampoos also contain ingredients that can prove to be toxic in the long run.

Try to go for shampoos containing milder surfactants and lightweight formula. Also, go for natural ingredients such as oils, berries, and seeds that aid in moisturizing and deep cleaning the wig hair.

Jojoba oil, argan, coconut, and aloe vera are great for moisturizing, cleansing, and shining. They keep the integrity of the wig hair. Choose shampoos that promote nourishment and cleansing.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding choosing a high quality wig shampoo, and their quick answers.

What can I use instead of wig shampoo?

If you can’t find a high-quality wig shampoo in your area, you can use baby shampoo and a mild conditioner for washing human hair wigs. For synthetic wigs, you can make use of mild dish soap or baking soda to replace the wig shampoo and use fabric softener as a conditioner.

Why is my wig so dry?

Our human scalps will release serum to keep our hair moisturized. However, in the case of wigs, there is no natural serum to lock the moisture in the hair strands.

So wash your hair regularly to remove the dust and dirt, then condition your wigs is a good idea to make it soft and silky again.

Do I wash my wig in cold or warm water?

You can wash your wig with cold or lukewarm water, but never with hot water! Hot water will damage the fabric of the wig.

I would suggest washing your wigs with cold water first. If the water is too cold to remove all the dirt or oil build-up, use lukewarm water instead.


Now that you have been covered with the list of best wig shampoo, you can easily pick one for your own. Remember to carefully consider your wig condition and product specification before buying. 

I conclude that African Essence Control Wig Shampoo is the best overall.

It is deep cleansing, it will revitalize your hair, thus increasing its shine, softness, and easy management. It’s also packed with nutrients to keep your synthetic and human hair wig clean, moisturized, and tangle-free.

We are always glad to hear from you.


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