June 15, 2022

Best Hair Extension Glues

Best Hair Extension Glues

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This article is about the best hair extension glues available in 2023.

If you use wefts to beef up your natural locks, you know you have a few options for attaching them. If attaching them with glue is your preferred choice, this article is for you! Today, we will go through the best glues on the market to attach your extensions.

I’m Bianca, and I have been using, installing, and educating myself about hair extensions since 2006. I love big hair, and I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their hair goals!

I think Salon Pro Exclusive Anti-Fungus Bonding Glue is unbeatable when you need to bond hair, anything from eyelashes to wefts! 

If you have sensitive eyeballs (yes, even attaching wefts to your hair with this stuff will give some people runny eyes), don’t worry! I have a few options for you to consider.

So read on, dear friends, read on!

Quick Summary

Best Hair Extension Glues – Our Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best hair extension glues, together with a detailed review of each option.

Salon Pro Exclusive Anti-Fungus Bonding Glue

  • Key features: Super Hold Rubber Latex
  • Volume: 118 mls
  • Best for: Overall

Salon Pro Exclusives have a range of excellent hair bonding glues available. This was actually a toss-up for the top spot between this Anti-Fungus option and the 30-second option. Both are amazing and work really well.

However, especially with wefts that stay in for 4 – 8 weeks, I tend to prioritize hygiene over speed.

Salon Pro’s range uses natural rubber latex as its main ingredients. This means that it is very unlikely for you to have an allergic reaction, however always do a patch test when working with new chemicals that will go on your skin.

This is a brilliant glue for laying down wefts onto natural hair, braids, gluing to a cap and, yes, even eyelashes.

Two things to note – if you are blonde, DO NOT BUY THIS! It dries black! Secondly, whoooooo boy, this stuff has a strong aroma and can make your eyes burn. So make sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.

EBIN New York Wonder Lace Bond EXTREME Hold

  • Key features: Latex free
  • Volume: 35 mls
  • Best for: Oily Scalps

This, aptly named New York Wonder, is an extreme hold bonding glue which can be used for wigs and wefts alike. For uses with wefts, you can get up to 4 weeks’ wear out of this wig bonding glue. And with wigs, it is excellent for weekly wears.

EBIN’s bond dries clear and matte, so great for all skin types. It is also resistant against things like oily scalps and perspiration.

There is a bit of a trick to getting it to dry clear. You have to layer up thinner layers to get a secure and firm hold, which can be tricky with wefts.

The Hair Diagram Bold Hold

  • Key features: Non-toxic and water-based glue
  • Volume: 1.3 Ozs
  • Best for: Sensitive skin

Bold Hold Active is a brilliant glue for gluing in extensions, weaves, wefts, wigs, and hair pieces. It is odorless, water-based, latex-free, and still somehow manages to be good for oily scalps!

This fab all-rounder hair bonding is brilliant for those with sensitive eyes, scalp, and nostrils! Odorless and non-toxic, with less nasty ingredients than others on this list, Bold Hold will let you glue your wefts in, without the tears or burn. 

If you live somewhere that is naturally very hot (think anything from Florida, Arizona, Dubai, the desert), this may not work well as in extreme heat, the glue breaks down faster.

Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive

  • Key features: Clear Drying
  • Volume: 1.06 Ozs
  • Best for: Travel Size

Esha Bond Glue comes in a beautiful little tube that is rainbowed and gilded for the gods. IT is a travel-size, purse-friendly tube that can go with you anywhere.

The glue is good for weaves, wefts, bonds, and wigs. With the correct application you can get about 1-2 weeks of wear with your wigs and 4-6 weeks of wear with wefts.

This hair bond glue is very long-lasting but unlike others on this list, it does not release with conditioner. If you buy this, you really need to buy the Esha Bond Remover too.

Leeons Keratin Glue Pellets

  • Key features: Italian Keratin Glue Granules
  • Weight: 50 Grams
  • Best for: Microlinks

Leeons Hair Store has put together a handy dandy pack with 4’000 pieces of good-quality, Italian keratin glue. This glue is brilliant if you use micro links, make your own I-Tips, or even for your nail tips!

If you are making I-Tips with these keratin beads, then you should be using 4-5 beads per tip. These keratin pellets are brilliant for connecting any type of pre-bonded extensions to your hair, safely. As the keratin is EVA safe, it also means that an allergic reaction is very unlikely.

Leeons also offer the yellow glue tips and the NEW Keratin White pellets- make sure not to buy either of those as they are either clumpy and dry with a tacky residue. Go for the White Italian Keratin pellets for best results and gorgeous bonds.

Forcuteu Katelon Invisible Adhesive

  • Key features: Latex-free and non-toxic
  • Volume: 38 mls
  • Best: High Humidity

Katelon super bonding glue for hair systems is a long lasting bond glue that works for almost all hair systems. As it is invisible after application, this also works on all skin types.

Katelon bonding glue has been designed with sensitive scalps in mind. It does not have any toxic ingredients, latex, or harsh solvents in its formula which makes it gentle on hair, skin and your eyes.

Miraculously, it has also been made to withstand high-humidity temperatures (which is normally the compromise when purchasing for sensitive skin).

This mind-bogglingly good hair bond does need extra care when applying, though. If you don’t layer up thin layers and allow to dry int between, you will end up with a tacky mess that doesn’t dry in your hair.

Remember, as it is such a good glue, it is very tricky to remove. I strongly suggest getting rubbing alcohol or a bond remover with this.

Best Hair Extension Glues – What to Consider?

Here are a few things to consider when looking at different glues for hair extensions.

What, Where, How?

What are you gluing, and for how long? Is it wefts, wigs, or  front closures? Is it 4 – 8 weeks or just a week?

Where do you live? Is it a high-humidity area, or do you like to work out a lot?

How light or dark is your skin and hair? Do you need glue that dries clear, white, or dark to black?

Asking yourself these questions will help you easily and quickly define what you are looking for in terms of bonding glue.

Don’t Be So Sensitive

If you have sensitive skin, just remember the skin that will react is your scalp and face! I’ve seen girls use the wrong glue and come in with an itchy, bumpy, red rash all over their face and scalp!

If you have sensitive skin or a known latex allergy, make sure to choose glues that are latex-free, non-toxic and always do a patch test on your skin (I do it on the inside of my elbow), 24 hours before installing your wefts.

This way, at worst you’ll have a little bump on your inner elbow, at best you’ll have a comfortable hair weave that will be long-lasting and not irritating.

My Verdict

If you don’t have sensitive skin, and you don’t mind slightly watery eyes for 5 minutes, Salon Pro Exclusive Anti-Fungus Bonding Glue is a brilliant option as your bonds won’t lift, shift or slip for ages.

And if you do have sensitive skin, then I have given you plenty of options to look at that will be more suited to you and your comfort level.

Which one is your favorite? Did I include your ‘ride or die’ hair bonding glue?

Let me know in the comments below!


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