October 6, 2021

How To Put a Half Wig

how to put a half wig

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A half wig has a particular construction cap that covers only a half of your head. That is why it is named half wig, half head wig, ¾ wig or half hair wig.

The quaint feature of this type of wig could push you to think that its installation is a little complicated. But, in reality, putting a half wig on your head is extremely easy and enjoyable.

I am Rosalba, a lifelong wig wearer and a wig expert that you can reach anytime, especially if you need useful tips to install your wig.

Welcome to my new guide to learn how to put a half wig on. Keep reading and learn how to perfectly install a half wig that will make your look fashionable and full of glamour.

How to Put a Half Wig (Overview)

Even though it is named half wig, this beauty tool has the same beautiful style as other more complex wigs.

A half wig, in fact, has a soft mesh cap containing two flexible combs that allow you to attach it on the top of your head, which, in turn, coincides with a half of your skull!

One comb is placed on the front of the cap, while the other one is in the back or bottom.

For these features, the installation of a half wig is not complicated like the other types of wigs and takes only a few minutes.

A half wig can donate volume and charm to your hairstyle in the case of thin hair or small bald spots due to early hair loss. This modern hair accessory is also suitable for beginners which are not confident with more evolved types of wigs.

How to Put a Half Wig (Detailed Steps)

Having said that, I would move to the steps to install your half wig.

Step 1: Tie your Hair

Before installing your half wig, tie your natural hair backward with a ponytail.

Part your hair with a comb, about two inches from the frontal hairline. Proceed from the left ear to the right ear.

While combing, leave wisps of your natural hair on the frontal part of your face. This step is necessary because the half wig does not cover your head entirely.

Indeed, to hide the seams and give you a natural look, the visible strands of hair will need to get blended with the half wig.

I’ll explain this process in another step.

Step 2: Wear the Wig

Wear the half wig like if you had worn a cap. Start from the forehead to wear it. Pull the front comb of the cap downwards and make it firmly adhere to the hair you partied on the top of the head.

Make the comb always slide downwards to perfectly secure it to the scalp.

Repeat the procedure with the comb of the bottom (the back) of the wig. In this case, near the neck, pull the comb upwards, making it perfectly adhere to the hairs of the nape. This way, the half wig will be perfectly secured and in place all day long.

Repeat the application of the combs, if you notice that they are not firmly attached to your hair.

To avoid further mistakes, use the same force you would use to fasten and style your natural hair with common hair combs.

Step 3: Blend your Hair with the Wig

Now, it has arrived the moment to merge the wig and its wisps with the natural hair that remains visible on the frontal part of your face.

First of all, make sure to choose a half wig with the same color of your natural hair. This trick will make the seams of the wig nearly invisible.

Then, move the frontal strands of your natural hair backwards to cover the line of the wig. Comb, brush and curl them until they are perfectly merged with the strands of the wig.

In this stage, you can style your half wig to your liking.

Use a curly iron to create a wavy hairdo. Apply a hair spray to make your hairstyle more glittering, or use a gel, to create a shiny effect that better merges your natural hair with the half wig.


As you can see, putting a half wig on is really easy. The application of the flexible combs can be challenging only the first time, but, afterwards, with steady training, you’ll be perfectly at your ease with this process.

To better install a half wig, take a look at the section of FAQs, also. I am sure the answers will be very helpful for you.

How to Hide a Half Wig?

There is not an exit way in this answer: the first step to hide a half wig, or rather, to hide that you are wearing it, is to choose a wig with the same color of your natural hair.

It is better to choose a human hair half wig. The structure of this type of hair perfectly mimics your natural hair. For the most natural effect, you can use Remy or a virgin hair half wig. The cuticle of these hairs is identical to your natural hair.

When you style the half wig and merge its wisps with yours, none will notice you have a half wig on your head!

How to Install a Half Wig on Short Hair?

There are several types of half wigs around us, with different lengths and different hairstyles.

You can choose long, medium, and short wigs, a waved bob, or a layered hairstyle, for example.

Yes, but what happens when your hair is short and you must wear a half wig?

Don’t worry, nothing terrible happens in this case. The installation process is nearly identical to the one I explained in this guide, with the only difference: you mustn’t ponytail the hair.

Due to the short length of your hair, in fact, this step would be impossible to carry out. 

Hence, part the frontal hair from ear to ear, always one or two inches from the front hairline.

These are the hairs that must remain externally visible.

The short hairs of the nape, instead, should be tied separately with a thin rubber band. Use this tool if you have short medium hair.

If your hair is too short, you must secure the strands with pins. To apply the pins, separate the hair of the nape in different strands, they must be two, at least.

When your natural hair is fully pinned, you can put your half wig on.

Tighten the knots of the wig, to perfectly secure it to your head. This way, you’ll be free to style your half wig with no risk of sudden and unpleasant movements.

Wrapping Out

Impossible is nothing in the fabulous world of wigs. Follow the steps of this guide and style your half wig as you want. It is the perfect suit for every occasion.

Read the FAQs, also, and if you found the procedure easy or challenging, let me know.

I’ll be enthralled by the opportunity to provide you with further help.


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