July 28, 2021

What is a Half Wig

what is a half wig

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Scouting for wigs can be an interesting experience and at the same time, the wig jargon can get complicated. 

I’m Lori and I have tried a variety of styles, meshes, and coverage to envision a wig that will suit me. If you too are looking to play up your natural tresses, a half wig can do just that. 

A half wig partially covers your head. It goes by many names; a quick weave (¾ or ½ wigs), a half and half wig, a fall, a wiglet, or a half head wig. Unlike a full wig that is designed to cover the whole head, a half wig covers the crown of a head and adds volume and length. 

Essentially, it’s the “inverse” of a hair extension; extensions are added to the hair ends, whereas half wigs are added to the top of the hair. 

Read on to find out what this type of wig is all about.

Toppers Vs. Half Wigs 

Hair toppers and half wigs share many similarities and are often considered the same. However, they function differently.

Hair Toppers

A hair topper is a mini wig, it’s similar to a half wig in that it provides partial coverage, but it covers the front, crown, and back of the head. 

Toppers can be used to conceal a thinning hairline, and they come in various lengths and colors; fringe toppers are a popular hair topper for styling. 

You can blend a topper into your natural hair with ease, and the clips and combs that hold it into place assure security.

Half Wigs

A half wig covers the crown and back of your head, which exposes your frontal hair. It adds length and volume to thin or thinning hair, which makes it great for styling. 

Popular half wigs are headband wigs that blend the wig seamlessly with your natural hair while making your hair look fuller. Half wigs are made with soft mesh caps and are secured with combs for easy application.     

Perks of Wearing a Half Wig

The below section will talk about the perks of wearing a half wig.

The Versatility

Want a layered look, or maybe some more length; half wigs can do the job. They come in many lengths and colors and can be customized to your liking. 

Both synthetic and human hair half wigs are capable of many styles, whether curling or teasing. They can give your hair a voluminous lift that will flatter your face.      

Alleviates Hair Issues

Each head of hair is different and so are our lifestyles and health conditions. If you have thin hair, alopecia, or have begun chemotherapy, a half wig is better than a full wig, as long as you aren’t completely bald. 

Hair thinning at the crown is better served by a half wig than a full wig because full wigs can worsen the thinning and cause traction alopecia if worn tightly. If your frontal hair is still intact, the half wig will do the rest.   

Easy To Style

Headband wigs, half wig hair extensions, and accessory pieces are a collection of half wigs that you can style your hair with. 

These wigs feature a headband that allows a seamless transition between your natural hair and the half wig and is fairly easy to wear and style. 

Half wig extensions can be layered at the crown with simple to use clip-ins to enhance a particular area of hair. Accessory pieces include; ponytails and scrunchie attachments which allow you to modify your hairstyles.    

How to Install Half Wigs

Here are the detailed steps to install a half wig.

Step 1: Use a comb, create a parting from ear to ear, about two inches away from your hairline, and leave strands of your natural hair out in front of your face. Take the hair after the parting and pull it back into a ponytail so you can fit your wig onto your head.    

Step 2: To attach the half wig, put the flexible front combs at the parting and slide it in against your scalp; slide it down firmly for it to stay in place. 

If you feel it is not secure enough, you can use the flexible combs at the back of the wig and slide them up against the nape of your neck. 

The securing combs might take a little getting used to, but you’ll master sliding them in as time goes on.   

Step 3: What’s left is for you to cover up the seam between your natural hair and the wig. You can do this with a headband or combing your hair and the wig together to blend them.  

How to Make Half Wigs Look Natural

Here are some great tips to make your half wigs look natural.

Select A Color With Multiple Shades

Most heads of hair have three shades of color, a base shade, a highlight, and a lowlight. To make your half wig look natural, it needs to have similar tones to your natural hair. 

Some half wigs are highlighted or ombre to add to the existing tones on natural hair to give a layered effect.     

Reduce The Shine

Some wig manufacturers cover their hair strands with silicones which create a shiny appearance. When added to natural hair, the shine makes it stand out, making it hard to blend in. 

You should look for half wigs that have a natural sheen, a dimmer glow. If you find your half wig to be shiny, you can reduce the shine by washing it a few times with shampoo. 

Dry shampooing can work as well, or you can dust it with baby powder or cornstarch. Synthetic hair is a common culprit of artificial shine. However, the mentioned treatments work on both synthetic and human hair wigs.       

Get A Trim

You can choose to trim your half wig, natural hair, or both to foster a more natural look. It is highly advised that you see a professional hairstylist trimming your wig or your natural hair. They can advise you on a suitable trim that will blend your wig in with your hair.  

Synthetic or Human Hair?

Half wigs can be synthetic or sold as human hair. Here are a few points to consider:

Synthetic Hair:

  • With advances in technology, it can mimic the look and feel of human hair
  • Relatively more affordable
  • Retains styles well, so it requires less frequent styling
  • Permanent hair pattern; resilient against frizzing and limpness 
  • Limited styling choices due to fixed hair pattern
  • Less durable, lasting between 4-6 months

Human Hair:

  • Blends in naturally 
  • More durable, lasting between 1-3 years
  • Softer feel, natural movement, and shine
  • Harder to maintain styles needs regular restyling
  • More expensive 
  • Harsh chemicals used in production affect durability.

Wrapping it up 

A half wig can be used to add volume at the top, alleviate hair-related issues and allow you to style your hair easily. 

Installing them the right way will help you blend them with natural hair and make them look completely natural. 

While choosing half wigs, your aim should be natural movement, shine & durability. Both synthetic and human hair have features to cater to your requirements. 

Assess both to pick the suitable option for you and retain your existing style with them. 


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