July 29, 2021

5 Male Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

Male Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

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This is a list of male celebrities who wear wigs.

It is no surprise that many male celebrities wear wigs to look glamorous. But do you know why? Several male celebrities are suffering from hair loss, and they can’t get rid of or hide baldness.

My name is Lori and I have been using wigs for over five years. Two years ago, I attended a hairstyling course that enriched my knowledge about wigs and hair extensions. My best friend, who is a hairstylist, had taught me a lot of related knowledge too. Over the years, I have learned how to tell whether a person is wearing a wig or not.

Wigs are as natural as human hair, and they also come in different shapes, colors, and flexibility. This makes it difficult to notice if a celebrity is wearing a wig. In this article, I will reveal to you some famous male celebrities who wear wigs and why. 

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1. Ben Affleck

Ben is one of the top actors that looks great in his hair. If someone told you that it is not his natural hair, will you believe it?

Rumors have it that the gorgeous actor is bald, and he is using wigs to hide his baldness.

The superstar has consistently denied these rumors. However, if you take a keen look at this video, Ben Affleck wears wigs, you will agree with me that indeed he wears wigs. 

The actor appears with different hairlines on occasions. All these can prove that he is wearing wigs. In this CNN article, Ben has a “V shape” hairline and later on, he shows a “deeper V shape” and thinner hairline in this article by people.

But then in this article by The Guardian, he shows a much thicker hair line, and it’s straight.

Furthermore, the actor once dropped his wig at a party, and the Michigan Daily reported it. Taking a keen look at the pictures and videos available on the internet, you will notice him in different hairlines and shapes. This would suggest that he is probably wearing wigs.

Despite all that, he looks glamorous in the wigs. He is one of the first movie actors who started using wigs for men in the industry.

2. Matthew McConaughey

Is there any lady who has never fallen in love with the wild McConaughey’s? The handsome blonde celebrity has beautiful curly, thick, and long hair.

I know many of you will argue that his hair is natural. However, different pictures of him suggest otherwise. He has shown severe patterns of hair thinning and baldness.

He once appeared at a party 20 years ago with thinning hair. Not long later, he appeared in public with an attractive thick hair look. This started the speculation that the Hollywood movie star is bald.

Besides, if you sample pictures and videos of Mathew on the internet, you will notice the difference in hairlines and shape. For example, in this US news article, he shows a thin hairline by 22 May, 2019.

By Dec 2019, he appears in the movie trailer of “The Gentlemen” with nice and thick hair, and a totally different hairline.

However, we cannot deny that he is just so good-looking with his thick and wild hair, and many ladies, even after knowing that it may be a wig, still love his thick hair.

3. Charlie Sheen

Is there any human being who does not know Charlie Sheen? He used to be the highest-paid movie actor in Hollywood. Rumors are saying that Charlie has been wearing a wig for a long time.

It does not surprise me that Charlie Sheen is wearing a wig for his public appearances and acting performances.

If you take a keen look at his pictures, you would notice that the celebrity has different hairlines and styles in these articles: USA Today, Eonline, and The Guardian.

Besides, what does it mean if an item is named after a person? It means the person has a close relationship with it. For instance, there is a wig called ‘Charlie Sheen Wig’ available in the Amazon stores.

All these make us believe that Charlie Sheen indeed puts on wigs.

Even though he wears wigs, the celebrity will forever be loved by many movie fans.

4. Kevin James

Kevin James toupee is another commonly heard name linking up a celebrity with wigs. There were rumors saying this famous actor, comedian, and producer is wearing a hairpiece because of hair loss.

By 2005, when Kevin was acting in the movie “Hitch”, he showed signs of thinning hair, and that was the starting of all the “Kevin James is wearing a hairpiece” rumors.

There were rumors suggesting that Kevin was wearing a toupee when he was filming “The Kings of Queens”, a 9-season long TV series, so he can keep the consistency of his character.

In this article, you should notice the changes in his hairlines, while in the King James movie, his hairline was completely different.

However, Kevin always satisfies his audience with or without a wig and makes them enjoy his films. Indeed, I love his bald look very much!

5. Brendan Fraser

Now, if you too have been following Brendan Fraser, you will all agree with me that the star wears a wig.

Rumors have it that the movie actor developed alopecia due to the hair replacement system he put on for one of his film characters.

On many occasions, he tried to hide his hair loss by wearing wigs. However, if you take a keen look at his pictures in these articles by Express, The National News, and People, you will notice different hairlines and hairstyles.

Hair or wig, everyone loves Brendan Fraser.

Bottom Line

Thanks to the development of new technology, our lovely actors can keep up their lovely looks for over several decades. 

Who else do you think should be added to this list of male celebrities wearing wigs? Leave a comment below!


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