December 26, 2021

How to Make a Quick Weave Wig

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Are you interested in making your hairstyle charming and gorgeous? I have the solution for you. It is named weave wig, the real trend of the moment for busy women who don’t have time to sew a wig from scratch!

A weave wig, in fact, is the cheap alternative to sew-in wigs. The latter is crafted with needle and thread, while the former is made with glue and wefts bonded on a protective cap. A weave wig is, hence, an easy and quick way to make it.

Welcome to my new tutorial about the fantastic world of wigs. I am Rosalba, a busy woman, and a creative wig weaver. Indeed, in my lifetime, I tried creating several types and styles of wigs.

If you want to know more, follow this guide from scratch, and enjoy how to make a quick weave wig that will change your look forever!

Steps-by-steps Guide to Make a Quick Weave Wig

Follow the below steps to make a quick weave wig.

Step 1: What do You Need to Make a Weave Wig Quickly

Before stepping in the making process, you need to prepare the necessary tools.

To make a quick weave wig, indeed, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Mannequin or wig head
  • Bundles of human hair
  • Wig cap
  • T-Pins
  • Hair wig glue

Step 2: Place and Secure the Protective Cap on the Wig Head

Buy a protective cap in the wig shops. Choose a cap with the same color of your natural hair. Afterwards, place it on the mannequin head. Secure the cap firmly with the pins.

To not rip it, pin the cap gently around the circumference of the head, from the frontal line, sides, and under the nape. Add a few pins onto the half of the crown, also.

At the end of this process, lightly pull the frontal cap forward, to verify that it is firmly secured.

Step 3: Cut the Tracks or Wefts from the Hair Bundles

Hair bundles are synthetic or human hair extensions used for sew-in or glue-in wigs. They must be cut to obtain smaller pieces of hair forming the wefts you’ll apply to the weave wig cap.

Hence, at this stage, you must cut the tracks of the bundles and decide if you want larger wefts for a voluminous hairstyle or tight wefts for a flat and slender wig.

Fortunately, you can also find pre-made bundles around you. To obtain your favorite hairstyle, they have different sizes and inches: short, medium, or long, with or without volume.

First of all, measure the width and the length of the wefts before cutting. Usually, with three bundles, you should obtain the right number of strands for a complete wig.

Step 4: Glue the Wefts on the Wig Cap

This is the hottest stage of the process because if you cannot properly apply the glue, you risk obtaining a tangled and frizzy wig!

Apply the glue on the superior brim of the weft (it coincides with the track you previously cut). Then, press it on the cap, starting from the lower part of the nape, near the neck.

Wait for 10 seconds, at least, to make the glue dry. Repeat the process to glue the other wefts to the rest of the cap: upward on the nape, crown, sides, and frontal line. Cut the weft to avoid creating an excess or messy volume when you arrive near the top.

If you want a curly wig, you can use bundles with curls, if you want a wig with fringe, instead, you can use straight bundles. You can obtain short or long bands to glue on the frontal hairline from them.

Step 5: Leave the Weave Wig Rest for 1 Hour

After bonding the wefts on the cap, leave the weave wig to rest for 1 hour. This way, you’ll ensure that the glue has completely dried.

In the end, you’ll have obtained a quick and stylish weave wig in about one hour and a half! After this stage, you will also be ready to place it on your head.

To learn about wig installation, follow my previous guide about this topic.

Step 6: Sew a Lace Closure

This step is optional and should be carried out after step 2. A lace closure serves to give a more natural style to your weave wig. The closure is, indeed, a tool that perfectly mimics the scalp.

After you pinned it on the wig head, the closure must be sewn on the protection cap. In this case, you’ll need thread and a needle.

To perform this process, you can see my tutorial about making a wig with lace closure.

Below is a great video about how to make a quick weave wig.


For more information about making a quick weave wig, take a look at the section of FAQs, as well.

How Do You Make a Quick Easy Wig?

The method I explained here is the easiest way to make a quick wig in less than 2 hours. If you need to make your wig in a little time, you must pay attention to the features of the glue.

There are different types of glues around, but you must always choose bonding glues developed for wigs.

Usually, bonding glues have a very high degree of adhesiveness and dry in a few seconds.

If you use this type of glue, you can make a quick easy wig in less than 1 hour!

What is the Difference Between a Weave and a Wig?

The difference is very simple: a wig is a construction cap made with synthetic or human hair attached to the same cap. In this case, the wig is a “hairy” hat to wear like other types of hats.

A weave is obtained with extensions sewn onto a particular tissue, such as silk, lace, or cotton.

A weave wig, at last, is a mix of wig and weave, where you can sew the wefts on a construction cap by yourself. If you want to make the process of weaving easy and quick, you can replace sewing with gluing. The latter is the process explained in this guide.

Which is Better a Quick Weave or Sew-In?

Surely, the best option is a sew-in wig. Sewing, in fact, makes the wefts more firmly secured on the cap and this feature largely increases the lifespan of a wig.

However, a quick weave is helpful for those who don’t master the wonderful art of sewing.

If you take care of your quick weave, it will last longer, not like a sew-in, but for a few months, at least.

Wrapping Out

As you can see, a quick weave is always made with glue. This wig combines together the features of a classic cap construction and a classic weave.

However, even a quick weave wig requires a pinch of mastery. With my easy method, you should successfully create a fashionable, quick weave wig.

If you didn’t manage, the latest option is the help of a skilled wig hairstylist.

I don’t know what has been your fate with the making of a quick weave wig and if my guide worked.

For this reason, I ask you to let me know what happened. I’ll be happy to receive your comments.


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