February 28, 2022

What is a 360 Lace Wig

what is a 360 lace wig

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Wigs are very versatile hair replacement tools. Indeed, you can find several stylish solutions among them. Not only to improve your look but also to try different hairdos.

One of these stunning solutions is a 360-lace wig. Confess! You are just wondering what a 360-lace wig is.

I am Rosalba, a wig lover addicted, and have the answer: a 360-lace wig has a frontal lace covering all the circumference of your head.

I understand this answer is not enough, for this reason, I created an article that explains exactly all the features of 360 lace wigs. If you want to know more, keep reading…

Main Features of a 360 Lace Wig

To fully understand what a 360-lace wig is, you must envision the exact shape of your head.

It has roughly a circular shape (aside from slight somatic differences from person to person).

Hence, this type of wig has a round piece of lace covering the entire perimeter of the head. This piece of lace, in turn, is sewn on the edges of a round patch placed on the top of the head. The round lace also covers your forehead, and, for this feature, 360-lace wigs are also called 360 frontal and 360 wigs.

The fabric of the patch is machine-made, the lace is, accordingly, machine-sewn to its edges, while hair bundles are knotted into the holes of the lace by hand.

The circular placement of the lace gives rise to a 360-degree angle, which, logically, coincides with the circle of the head. In short: a 360-lace has something to do with the construction cap of a wig.

Nowadays, these beauty tools are largely appreciated by wig wearers. These wigs, indeed, have a high degree of versatility and allow you to create different hairstyles, in every direction, with an absolute and extremely natural look.

You must know, in fact, that 360 lace wigs have been developed just for those who love to tie the hair of their unity. The circle lace, made of Swiss or soft fabric, perfectly mimics your scalp. This way, even though you make a ponytail, bun or updo, the 360-front lace of the wig will look like your natural scalp.

How to Make Your 360 Lace Wig Looks More Natural?

Looking for the ultimate natural look? Choose a 360-lace wig made with virgin hair. This type of hair can be dyed, washed, and styled through heat with no damage.

Also, check if the 360 lace wig is pre-plucked with baby hair, to have a perfectly natural hairline resembling your true hair.

As you can see, the threshold of the versatility of a 360-lace wig is very high.

Additional Features of a 360 Lace Wigs

A 360 lace wig has other interesting features.


After this impressive parade of features, you are surely wondering many other things about these wigs.

Take a look at the section of FAQs for a more complete overview.

What is the difference between Full Lace and 360 Lace?

The difference between full lace and a 360-lace wig is very simple. Look at their names: a full lace wig has a construction cap entirely made of lace. A 360-lace wig has, instead, a construction cap with a piece of circular lace attached to a top fabric patch and covering only the circumference of the head: from edge to edge.

The main difference between these two hair replacement tools is the installation method. A full lace wig must be installed more gently, to avoid ripping the entire lace.

A 360-lace wig must always be installed gently but doesn’t take the time of full lace, because it is easier to wear. At the end, you have only to cut the excess frontal lace.

What is the Difference between Lace Frontal and 360 Frontal?

Both of them have a frontal lace, but the main difference lies in the position. A lace frontal wig has a piece of lace placed on the frontal section of the head: from an ear to another one, passing by the curve of the forehead.

A 360 frontal lace wig goes through the entire head circumference and also arrives over the forehead. In this case, the portion of frontal lace will be higher and invisible when you style the wig, raise or tie the wefts.   

How Much is a 360 Lace Wig?

Versatility and elegance always have a cost. However, a 360 wig has a likewise versatile cost. This is, in fact, the cheapest option for those who can’t afford more expensive wigs.

A high-quality human hair 360 lace wig, with breathable cap, baby hair, high resistance, extreme natural texture, has a price of less than 100 dollars, while a human hair lace front wig can even cost 300 dollars.

What is Better 360 or Lace Front?

A 360 wig is better from several points of view, not only for the cheap price but also for its wonderful features. Its breathable cap makes it very comfortable to wear. The installation process is also very easy and takes less than a full lace or a lace front wig.

For this last feature, a 360 wig is also a good solution for beginners who have trouble installing more complicated types of wigs.

My Verdict

As you can see, a 360-lace wig has several features. Fortunately, they are all good features and perfectly suitable for those who love human hair wigs with the best value for money.

They are durable, provided that you care for them, extremely natural, with a breathable cap, a circle lace covering the circumference of your head, and with a cheap cost.

What do you want the most in your life? I hope nothing else. Conversely, I want a thing from you: your comment about what you think about this type of wig. Thanks in advance for your kind collaboration.


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