What are Microlink (i tip) Hair Extensions

what are microlinks i-tip hair extensions

Microlink (i-tip) refers to a hair extension that latches onto your natural hair using flattened microbeads. My name is Jane, a cosmetologist with more than five years of experience. Over the years, I have worked in salons and have done numerous i-tip installations.  After reading this article, you should be able to get a better … Read more

How To Remove Wig Glue

how to remove wig glue

In this article, I will talk about how to remove wig glue properly.  Removing glue the right way can extend the lifespan of the wig and protect our edges and hairlines.  My name is Lori, and I love wearing wigs and dancing. I use wig glue to secure my wigs from slipping off, especially when … Read more

How To Wash Tape In Hair Extensions

how to wash tape in extensions

New To Tape-In Extensions? We Got You! You left the salon full of confidence with your new, luxurious locks. Let that confidence keep going, even in the shower.  Tape in hair extensions requires little more maintenance than your natural hair. You can be confident in taking care of your fresh look with just a few … Read more

How to Store Hair Extensions

how to store hair extensions

If you want your hair extensions to look long, luscious, and glossy every time you wear them, you’ll need to store them properly. Besides keeping them in fab condition, proper storage will also extend their lifeline.  I’m Lori, and I’ve been a hair extensions enthusiast for over six years. I love the way extensions add … Read more

How To Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions

How To Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions

A common question asked when someone starts to get into hair extensions is, “Can I dye synthetic extensions?” It’s a commonly held belief that synthetic hair can’t be dyed. But after 20 years of dying my hair, what I’ve found is the opposite. My name is Lisa, and I love dying my hair. I still … Read more

How to Repair Your Hair after Extensions

How to Repair Hair after Extensions

Through this detailed guide, you’ll learn how to repair your hair after the intense usage of extensions. My name is Lori, and I have hair extensions. Since I started wearing hair extensions six years ago, I have tried different types of hair extensions, from clip-in, tape-in, to glue-ins.  Over the years, I found that wearing … Read more

How to Make a Wig Smaller

In this article, I will share with you the tips and tricks regarding how to make a wig smaller. My name is Lori, I have been wearing wigs for more than six years and always struggle to find one that fits the way I like because most of the wigs are just too large for … Read more

How to Secure a Wig When You Dance

This is a guide on how to secure your wig when you dance. I am Lori, a wigs enthusiast and I love dancing. Salsa, ballroom, Tango. And I have a lot of friends who are professional dancers and beautiful drag queens. Very often, they need to perform with a wig. Over the years, I’ve gathered … Read more