October 7, 2021

How to Use a Wig Tape

How to Use a Wig Tape

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A major concern for wig wearers is how to secure their wig as firm as possible while in use. This is to prevent the wig from getting tilted or falling off. To give an instance, your wig could be easily tugged off its position while you’re exchanging pleasantries.

While many people seek the use of glue, a good and effective way to tackle these worries is the use of wig tapes—these are double-sided strips of adhesive used to secure lace front wigs to your scalp. The tape ensures your wig stays firm, and it also allows you to wear your wig for a long period.

My name is Tee, and I’m a wig enthusiast who enjoys trying out different practical steps to give my wig a better fit. I’ve done this over the years, and from the knowledge I’ve garnered, I can be your go-to person for several wig hacks.

Well, you’re in the right place. If your wig tilts off its position, then that means that it hasn’t been properly secured. This article provides you with a workable DIY guide on how to keep your wig secured with the use of tapes.

Let’s get started!

Best Method to Use a Wig Tape

Here are the list of materials needed and detailed steps to use a wig tape.

Materials Required

  • Face wipes
  • Alcohol-based face cleanser
  • Cotton wool
  • Liquid band-aid
  • Tweezers
  • Comb

Pro Tips

  • Never use wig tape directly on your natural hair. This is to avoid ripping out your natural hair.
  • Wig tapes are clear and come in various liner colors that show how sticky it is.
  • During application, leave a space of about 1 inch in-between the tapes, depending on the size of your head.

Detailed Steps

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to put on a wig tape.

Step 1: Get a face wipe and an alcohol-based face cleanser. Dip a small portion of cotton wool into the cleanser and use it to wipe your hairline and forehead. This is to ensure you don’t have any make-up, oils, or dirt that could affect the stickiness of the tape.

Step 2: With a new face wipe, apply a tiny layer of liquid band-aid to the region underneath your hairline. This step is vital to prevent any damages from the wig tape, especially if you have sensitive skin or usually work out with your wig.

Step 3: Now get your tape and cut it into strips if you’re using the roll of tape. If you’re not, and the tape is cut into strips already, simply apply along the perimeter of your hairline. Move from one side of your ear along your forehead to the other ear.

Ensure you don’t place the tape on your baby hair, so you don’t rip out your edges. After applying the tape, use your hand to press it down so it will stick properly to your hairline.

Step 4: After 2-3 minutes of applying the tape, use your tweezers to peel off the paper from the tape, leaving the transparent strip on your hairline.

Step 5: Now wear your wig, and gently align it to the tape section. Make sure you pull the wig firmly to meet the exact position your tape has been placed. Also, ensure that you don’t place the tape around the baby hair.

Step 6: Once you’re satisfied with the positioning of the wig, use your comb or brush to press down your wig firmly onto the tape. Then you can proceed to style your wig as desired.


I’ve sought out and carefully answered some of the questions that may leave you confused when using a wig tape.

Should I Use a Wig Tape or Glue?

One of the benefits of using a wig tape is the reduction of time used to install. It is faster than installing with glue. You only require about 10-20 minutes.

Although glue lasts long too, wig tape is preferable because some wig tapes are waterproof, and your wig won’t come off even while you’re sweating.

How Do I Remove Wig Tape From my Wig?

The easiest method to remove a wig tape is to use a solvent or alcohol-based adhesive removal. Gently soak a ball of cotton wool within the solvent or alcohol, and dab on the hairline where you placed the wig tape. This helps to neutralize the sticky force. Afterward, you can slowly raise your wig till the tape removes completely.

Will Wig Tape Damage my Hair?

Although wig tape is often referred to as one of the best methods for securing a wig, it can rip out your hair if you’re not careful with its application and removal. Therefore, if you’re worried about hair loss, you should opt for glueless lace wigs.

What Kind of Tape Should I Use for Wigs?

Wig tape is used to secure hairpieces and wigs, and it comes in different strips and rolls. There are different tapes for different uses. For instance, if you have sensitive skin or scalp, you should only use hypoallergenic tapes.

If you’ll be swimming while wearing your wig, or you’re someone that sweats a lot, you should use waterproof tapes.

Final Thoughts

Wig tape truly works. Those who use wig tape choose it because it is a significant assurance that their wig won’t fall off. Because of this, some performers and Hollywood experts prefer wig tape over any other application method.

Well, that’s a wrap on how to use a wig tape, and I trust that you can give it a try now. Share your ideas or questions in the comment section below. Stay safe!


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