June 28, 2022

How to Make a Wig Out of Yarn

how to make a wig out of yarn

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If you think of making a yarn wig for yourself or your kids, follow me!

I am Rosalba, an avid lover of classic cosplays, and the ones made with yarn wigs are on my top list.

A yarn wig is, in fact, the essential accessory of many costumes. This creation has a style that can decorate any type of costume, from the most classic to the fanciest ones.

In this guide, I explained two simple methods to make a refined yarn wig that matches your dreams and, above all, your costumes. Keep reading to learn more…

Yarn Wig Preparation

Before diving into the two most recommended methods, you need the proper tools.

Here are them!

  • Skeins of Yarn (for both the methods)
  • Brush (for both the methods)
  • Scissors (for both the methods)
  • Fabric strip (for method 1)
  • Sewing machine (for method 1)
  • Head cap (for method 2)
  • Hot glue (for method 2)
  • Crochet hook (for method 2)
  • Glass head (for method 2).

Important Details

Point 1: The glass head must have the same size as the wearer’s head of the wig.

Point 2: Strip and cap must have the same color as the yarn wig.

Method 1: Making a Yarn Wig with No Cap

A capless yarn wig allows you to make it in a short lapse of time. This method is also used to create a medium or long wig, or, for instance, the stunning Egyptian hairstyle of Cleopatra.

Step 1: Unravel the skeins of yarn and shape the bundles. To obtain a bundle, you need four strands. Remember that to create more volume, you’ll need many bundles: from 4 to 7, at least.

Step 2: Sew two rows of bundles on the fabric strip placed on the table. The strip serves to create the middle line of the head. Indeed, it must have the same length as this hairline. You can sew the bundles manually or with a sewing machine. Repeat the process for all the bundles until you obtain a full wig.

Sew the bundles, one close to the other, to avoid annoying gaps on the wig hairline.

Step 3: Use a brush and scissors to comb, trim and cut the excess yarn and obtain an even and smooth style.

This is the simplest method to craft a long yarn wig that you can style or braid to your liking.

The capless yarn wig is used to create the black Cleopatra bob or the braided orange hair of Pippi Longstocking.

For a more complex and audacious style, follow method 2 instead.

Method 2: Making a Yarn Wig with Cap

A cap always gives a professional appearance to wigs.

However, to make a wig out of yarn, you need an uncommon and more practical cap: the winter hat with holes.

Usually, the winter cap is made with the same material you are using to make your wig.

Hence, choose a yarn cap with the same color as the related wig and follow the steps of method 2.

Step 1: Place the cap on a glass head. This step is essential to start applying the bundles.

Step 2: Take a bundle of yarn with four strands and fold them in half.

Step 3: Insert the crochet hook into the cap. Start from the brim in the center of the forehead. With the hook, grab the bundle with the four strands and pull it along the cap. Make sure that the bundle has been pulled entirely through the hole.

If yes, tight a knot manually to secure the strands on the cap. Repeat the process with all the remaining bundles until you complete the entire circumference of the head (and the entire brim of the cap).

Step 4: Raise the central strands on the forehead and take them onto the top of the head. After straightening them with a brush, apply drops of hot glue under the strands. This way, the yarn strips will be perfectly secured on the cap.

Perform the process for the other strands until the top of the head is completely covered. Repeat the process with the lateral strands: raise them up to the top head, brush, straighten and apply the hot glue.

If you choose white yarn, you’ll create a French wig to braid with the same style of the 1700’s ladies.

To shape fine braids, divide the back of the yarn wig into 3 sections. Then, split one section into two parts. Cross and intertwine the two parts to form a pompous braid like the female hairstyle in vogue at the time of the French Revolution.

With this method, to obtain a full yarn wig, you need 144 strands at least, but it is worth the effort because the result will be unforgettable.


For more details about how to craft a perfect yarn wig, read the section with the FAQs.

How do I Make a Realistic Wig out of Yarn?

A yarn wig can’t be worn every day. It is a hair tool that decorates costumes and cosplays on occasions like Carnival.

The classic yarn always gives the effect of a plastic doll or a clown. To make a more realistic wig, you should use another type of yarn, such as a tighter and straighter fabric to sew on a lace cap to obtain a more professional look.

You can also add bands to your tighter yarn wig, but this is a professional process to perform with the help of a tailor.

How Much Yarn do you Need for a Yarn Wig?

The amount of yarn depends on the style and the length. For a tiny, medium wig, you can also use only a skein of ya for a tiny, medium wigrn. For a full, long wig, you should use three skeins of yarn, at least.

If you use small circumference yarn, the right amount for a wig is four skeins.

However, many shops sell skeins of yarn in big sizes. In this case, only a skein can be enough.

Wrapping Out

There are several methods to make a yarn wig. I only chose the two ones you can carry out in a very short time.

Fortunately, I don’t like time-consuming methods, and, for this reason, I prefer method 1.

And you? Let me know what your favorite method is.


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