September 14, 2021

How to Make a Brushed Yarn Wig

How to Make a Brushed Yarn Wig

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Brushed yarn wigs are great for both human beings and dolls, it’s beautiful and fun to create! I love wearing a yarn wig for Halloween.

I’m Tee, and in the past 2 years of my life, I’ve made over several dozen yarn wigs. And now, I can get them done without dropping a sweat.  

In this article, I will talk about everything you need to know about making a brushed yarn wig, from what sorts of tools are needed, the detailed steps, and some most commonly asked questions.

Let’s make some amazing brushed yarn wigs together!

Preparation – Tools

Here are the tools needed to make a brushed yarn wig.

The Yarn

There are different types of yarn to choose from, depending on what you want to use it for. But most times, acrylic yarn is most preferred because it’s not expensive and comes in various colors.

Mannequin Head

A mannequin head is very important. It helps to hold your wig in place and makes it easy to achieve a smooth outcome.

Weaving Cap

A weaving cap provides you with a foundation or base to attach your brushed yarn wig. The cap also provides your hair with coverage to help you fit in the yarn wig while protecting your hair as well.

With the weaving cap, there’ll be no chunky hair or ridges. It also provides you the opportunity to fix your yarn in any direction of your choice.

Needle and Thread

These go hand-in-hand together, and the pair is essential to attach your yarn wig to the weaving cap. The tapestry needle is perfect for sewing the yarn because it’s large and has a wide eye for more than a strand of thread.

For a seamless outcome, make sure the color of the thread matches the yarn you intend to use.

Wig Brush

What is a brushed yarn wig without a brush? A brush is vital to the creation process. Although there are different types of brushes for wigs, the wire wig brushes are ideal for these yarn wigs.

They are made up of prongs that can easily glide through the wig without causing any damage or fiber pull.


A scissors is needed to cut left-over threads and trim the wig to the desired length. 

Hair Spray

The spray is needed for an appealing smell and a flawless look. Gives you the perfect finishing and also keeps your yarn in a good shape after brushing. 

Curling Iron

The curling iron helps to take care of any loose hairs and frizziness you might encounter. It also gives the wig a seamless look.

Detailed Steps to Make a Brushed Yarn Wig

If you’ve got all the tools mentioned above, then that’s great. You’re a step closer to making your brushed yarn wig. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Wear the weaving cap on your mannequin head. Make sure it fits perfectly. Position the cap for easy sewing and also to avoid discomfort when you start attaching the yarn.

Step 2: Trim off the excess part of the weaving cap, and make sure you keep it close by because you’ll still need it. Then use your thread and needle to cover up the remaining hole, if there’s any.

Step 3: Now, place your wefts symmetrically on the wig cap. Wefts are rows of long hair attached to a strip. Sew on the edges of the wefts at every section to hold it down. This will help you with the placements of your wefts on your wig cap.

Step 4: Decide on the length of the wig you want. After that, use a solid object with a circumference that is double your intended length, then wrap your yarn on the object multiple times until it’s full to your desired wig size, then cut off the remaining yarn.

Step 5: From the excess fabric on your wig cap, cut a strip of it to support your yarn. Use the strip to tie your yarn, because it makes the strands of yarn easy to fold. This fold often results in a curl. Tuck the curl over so that the top of the curl will face down.

Then you will pull the free and dangling parts of the yarn through the curl to create another curl. Slowly slide the strip through the 2 new curls, start at the center of the strip and gradually work your way towards the edges. Continue this process until you have a full weft.

Step 6: As soon as you have full wefts, place them along the path you have carved out earlier with your wig cap. If it’s not smooth as desired, you can augment your yarn with another color since it’s acrylic.

Afterward, pin the wefts down and sew it to the wig cap. When you are done, brush any tail sticking off your weft.

Step 7: Lastly, use your curling iron to soften the yarn. This will make it silky. Make sure you use a curling iron and not a flat iron. After, proceed to brush the wig before applying your hair spray for a finishing touch.


Some of these questions may bother you when trying to make a brushed yarn wig. Well, I’ve got some answers for you.

What Kind of Yarn Can I use?

This mostly depends on what you intend to use your wig for. The most commonly used yarns are acrylic yarn, wool, and silk yarn. Wool yarn is often softer than acrylic yarn, while acrylic yarn is a bit coarse. A soft and silky texture usually indicates silk yarn.

What Yarn Can I Brush Out?

The most suitable yarn to brush out is acrylic yarn because it has high resilience. However, when brushing it, the yarn brings out a lot of fuzz. But not to worry, continuous brushing will remove the fuzz.

Can I Use a Hair Straightener on a Brushed Yarn?

Yes. After fluffing out the amount of hair you need, you can use your hair straightener. However, make sure you use the lowest temperature. This gives you a seamless finishing.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on how to make a brushed yarn wig! I hope you can follow these steps to achieve the best results for your brushed yarn. Share your questions and comments below if you’ve got any. Thanks!


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