November 9, 2022

How to Curl a Synthetic Wig With Rollers

How to Curl a Synthetic Wig With Rollers

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Styling a synthetic wig with a straightening or curling iron could be difficult, especially if the wig is not heat-resistant. However, using the right tools, such as rollers and little to no-heat methods, you can add curls to your synthetic hair. 

My name is Tee, and I used to intern at a hair salon. Through this, I have been exposed to several techniques of styling synthetic hair. And in this article, I’ll show you how to curl a synthetic wig with rollers.

Say bye-bye to going to the salon to get your wig styled. Follow the step-by-step methods below to create beautiful curls in your synthetic hair wig. You can easily do this in the comfort of your home.

Let’s get down to it. Come along! 

Materials Needed

Here are the materials you need to carry out this procedure.

  • Mannequin head
  • Wide-tooth comb and hairbrush
  • Hair clips
  • Spray bottle
  • Bendy rollers or curling rods
  • Velcro or plastic rollers or perm rods (if you’re using hot water)
  • Heat resistant gloves

Pro Tips

  • The smaller the rollers or curling rods are, the more defined and tight the curls will be. 
  • If you’re looking for something with loose curls or want a voluminous look, you should go for larger bendy rollers.
  • Make the curls around your face smaller, tighter, and more defined for a more natural and realistic look. You can make them a bit loose and more prominent for a more bouncy look for those in the middle of the wig and further down your neck.

2 Best Methods of Curling a Synthetic Wig With Rollers

Curling your synthetic wig with rollers is as easy as eating a bowl of marshmallows. Here are the best methods you can use.

Method 1 (With Hair Dryer)

Here are the detailed steps for using rollers to curl a synthetic wig with a hairdryer.

Step 1: Prepping

Mix some water with some cream-based moisturizer in the spray bottle. Shake well and spray some amount on the synthetic wig to dampen it.

Step 2: Section and Roll

Start from the back and start sectioning the hair. The smaller you section and part it, the smaller and more defined the curl will be as well. Afterward, take a roller and wrap the hair from the tips to the wig cap scalp or root of the wefts.

If you’re using a bendy roller, make sure you criss-cross the ends of the bendy roller towards one another. This ensures that the rollers are well-secured and tight enough to define each curl.

Repeat this for each section of the hair till the rollers are all in place.

Step 3: Dry  

Put your hairdryer on the cool setting and blow it on the rolled hair. After a couple of hours, the wig should be dry and ready to go. Remove the wig from the dryer, and carefully unroll each bendy roller.

Put on some leave-in conditioner to leave the wig soft and supple, and style the curls as you wish. 

Method 2 (With Hot Water and Perm Rods)

Here are the detailed steps for using rollers to curl a synthetic wig with hot water and perm rods.

Step 1: Prepping

Like step 1 of the previous method, put on some moisturizer and water to dampen the hair.

Step 2: Section and Roll

You can use several sizes of perm rods to achieve different sizes of curls. Section the wig into bits and roll it unto a perm rod. Secure the ends of the hair so it is tightly weaved unto the rod.

Step 3: Dip in Hot Water

Boil some water (make sure it’s boiled up to 100 degrees), then pour into a basin and mix with a bit of ordinary water to minimize the effect of the hot water.

Put on some heat-resistant gloves (to protect your hands from the steam), then dip the wig into the basin for about 10 minutes (or more, depending on how long you want to retain the curls).

Remove the wig and shake it off to let go of the water.

Step 4: Dry

Leave the wig on a stand and let it dry in the sun for a whole day, or leave it indoors. Depending on how much hair you wrapped in each rod, this may take a full day to dry.

As soon as the hair is completely dried, gently unwrap it and run your fingers through it (if you want them to look fluffy and loose).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that may cross your mind when you’re about to curl your synthetic wig. Here are the precise answers to them. 

Can Hot Water Damage Your Synthetic Wig?

Both yes and no. If you directly pour the hot water on your wig, it may destroy the fiber. Especially if the fiber is not heat resistant and if the hot water is scalding hot at 100 degrees. Make sure you mix the hot water with some cold water to minimize the effect of the heat.

Can You Use a Fabric Steamer Instead of Hot Water?

Yes, this is another method entirely. Instead of dipping the wig in hot water, you can put a fabric steamer close to each curl and let the steam seep into each curl. This leaves the curls well-defined and supple. However, don’t place the fabric steamer directly on the hair.

Can I use Hair Pins Instead of Rollers?

Yes, this is very possible. Pins serve the same function as rollers, so the curls will be thinner and very defined. Follow the steps mentioned above. The only different thing is that you’re using pins instead of rollers. Also, the hair you’ll section will be much thinner than a roller so that it can contain the small space in between. 

Leave overnight to dry or use a fabric steamer to drive out the moisture.

Wrapping Up 

There you go! You can now curl your synthetic wig and style it as you wish. Do share your feedback in the comment section below. Let us know how it goes. 

Happy curling, Queens!



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