August 2, 2022

Best Clip In Extensions for Short Hair

Best Clip In Extensions for Short Hair

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This article is about the best clip in hair extensions for short hair available in 2022.

So you have short hair, but you want long hair, and you don’t want to wait the 2-3 years that it will take you to grow it naturally. Is that about right? Well, let me tell you, I get you, and I’m here to help!

I’m Bianca, and I have been where you are – looking to make my hair longer, fuller, mermaid-worthy, and having to walk my path with very little guidance. That is what started me on my hair extension quest 15 long years ago and why I’m so hell-bent on helping others avoid some of the pitfalls I so blithely walked into. 

If you are looking for an easy way to achieve long hair with very little commitment, clip in extensions are the way forward.

And let me tell you, I love the GooGoo Natural Human Hair Clip Ins. The hair is soft, the color range is beautiful, and I love how naturally long and luscious my locks instantly look.

If you have very short hair and need help with slightly funky hair color – NEVER FEAR!

I have a host of recommendations up my magical sleeves, so with a swish of my wand let’s read on!

Quick Summary

4 Best Clip In Extensions for Short Hair – Our Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks and detailed reviews for each one.

GooGoo Seamless Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14-22 inches
  • Volume: 150 grams per bundle
  • Best for: Overall

When you have short hair, you usually need to add A LOT of extra hair to make your hairstyle look naturally long. But you also need to make sure that the top of your head isn’t bulked up with wefts that make it look unnaturally large and have wefts that are hard to hide.

GooGoo has heard the cry of short-haired maidens everywhere and responded with SEAMLESS extensions.

Seamless extensions are not made of sewn wefts, but thin silicone wefts which are 50% thinner than regular wefts. They also carry more hair.

Regular wefts typically have around 105 grams of hair (usually advertised as 120 grams in weight – 15 grams clips plus 105 grams of hair). Seamless extensions are 135 grams (advertised as 150 grams of hair – 135 grams of hair plus 15 grams of clips).

This means that GooGoo Seamless extensions give you more volume and coverage and lay flatter against your head. This is perfect for short hair as those are the key points.

The hair is high-quality Remy hair, with about 80% of the cuticles intact.

What do cuticles have to do with anything? 

Well, they keep hair shiny, soft, bouncy, tangle-free, and all those other things we aspire to have in our flowing locks.

Sadly, the PU or Seamless extension range has 13 colors currently. 

So there aren’t any options for redheads, brown hair, or fashion colors. Hopefully, GooGoo will expand its color range to compete with other brands that have up to 30 color options.

Full Shine Seamless Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 8 pieces
  • Extension length: 12-22 inches
  • Volume: 120 grams per bundle
  • Best for: Fine Hair

Full Shine has also jumped on the PU / Seamless extension bandwagon and has its offering.

However, GooGoo has kept their price point and hair volume similar to regular extensions – which is a pity in my opinion.

First – the good points.

FullShine came to play with 40 color options. Still no redhead options or fashion colors but dang. If you are raven to platinum you are well catered for here.

The hair itself is gorgeous.

Soft, silky, luscious, bouncy – just dreamy. Zero complaints, and it will last you a long time.

The PU wefts are well constructed, and the clips are good quality. They will not slip or move, even with very little “prep” of your natural hair. They also come in an excellent range of sizes to get perfect placement. I like that you get eight pieces to keep it all even and neat.

However, there isn’t enough hair. If you want to take your length down to about 18 inches, at 120 grams, you will need two packs, which means more clips and wefts on the top of your head.

Which is what we are trying to avoid by looking at Seamless wefts for short hair rather than classic, sewn wefts.

But – they do offer custom extensions.

So if you can be bothered with the extra step, you could get gorgeous seamless extensions in 180 – 220 grams made especially for you. And for a quarter of the price of celebrity brands (while being of equal, if not better quality). Because the hair is amazing, just not enough is offered in the standard packages.

Wennalife Seamless Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14-22 inches
  • Volume: 150 grams per bundle
  • Best for: Thick Extensions on a Budget

For short hair, seamless or PU extensions are the way forward. So I’ve found another seamless set for you to look at.

Wennalife is a customer-centric brand that ensures that its customer service is second to none, and its consistency is… well, consistent.

The set of extensions you will get through the door is thick to the ends, soft, well-made, and well packaged.

The packaging is also super cute (if that’s a factor, if you’re into that – I am a total sucker for good packaging), and when I purchase my extensions, you get a free set of eyelashes, a comb, and some spare clips.

See? SUPER customer focussed.

The customer service team is also incredibly reactive and eager to help you find your perfect color if you’re having a hard time matching color through a screen (there’s an art to it, so do ask for help).

The clips on the extensions are exceptional quality, silicon coated for comfort and protecting your hair. They are sewn onto the PU wefts securely, and everything is well aligned and neat.

Overall these are a great set of clip in extensions and will work well for short hair.

My only real gripe is that the “natural black” wasn’t actually black but a very dark brown.

But a bit of henna, and I got the extensions to match without doing any damage.

Vigorous Synthetic Clip Ins

  • Key features: Synthetic hair, 4 pieces 
  • Extension length: 20-24 inches
  • Volume: 200 grams per pack
  • Best for: Value

These synthetic extensions from Vigorous come in 15 different color options, including a gorgeous rose pink fashion color and black with gray ends.

Ok, so I’m not a fan of synthetic hair extensions. They’re suitable for a few years, but they don’t have any real durability.

However, if you want to try a new hairstyle out before committing to getting expensive tapes, coloring your hair, or similar, these are a great option.

Vigorous Synthetic clip in extensions would also be an excellent solution for a one-night wonder occasion – such as a prom, a wedding, a baby shower, or an anniversary.

And for under $25, you can have a little fun without hitting your wallet too hard.

Just remember, because they are very thick and heavy, and (I assume if you’ve read this far) you have short hair – you will need to do some proper prep work to help the four wefts to stay in, without damaging your natural hair.

I suggest braiding tracks horizontally across your head and using a bit of dry shampoo to get rid of that synthetic shine to get the best out of these extensions.

What to Consider?

When buying clip in hair extensions, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Color Matching

Since your hair is short, you can use this to your advantage when looking at longer clip ins.

Short hair an advantage?

Yes, really! Allow me to explain. Say you have dark, brown hair that comes to your chin, however, you crave long, golden waves of browns, honey, and golds.


Buy a set of balayage or ombre extensions that start the same color as your natural hair and transition about a third of the way down to blondes, honey, and browns.

Once you place them and give them a bit of a curl, you’ll have such a seamless blend, even your BFFs won’t be able to spot the join (until you show them. We always do).

Wefts for days

If you have short or fine hair – you need to be extra vigilant when purchasing your clip ins.

Thick wefts, slipping clips, and badly colored roots can quickly make your hair dream a nightmare. The number one thing to look for is silicone clips because it protects your hair from metal and stops the wefts from slipping.

The second thing is to make sure the wefts and your roots are the same color. The rest of the hair can be a different length (as I’ve mentioned above). But the root of your hair and the wefts need to match pretty closely, as you’ll get a brilliant camouflage for your clips that way.

Another thing to take into account is that wefts can be thinner or thicker. Seamless wefts are very thin and can hide better if you have finer hair.

My Verdict

So there you have it, my short-haired friends. My lovely list of luscious locks is low commitment and hassle.

Out of all of these, I stand by my top award for GooGoo Natural Human Hair Clip Ins as the top all-rounder. The classic extensions have always been a firm favorite of mine, and now the new, thicker seamless extensions are even better?

So – give me some feedback – do you agree, disagree, or think I should cover another topic? Let me know in the comments below!


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