September 28, 2021

Which is Better? Silk or Lace Closure

which is better silk or lace closure

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I am Lori, and I have been wearing closures for over 6 years. I have a deep understanding of different closures. I have been using my experience and knowledge of silk and closure to install them for my friends and advise them on the best closure for their hair.

There are two types of closures, silk closure and lace closure. They are all great, but which of the two is better? Silk or lace is a personal preference question. For instance, some do not love silk closures because they are thick. Some do not love lace because they are thin.

The decision on which is better will have to be made often by your hairstylist. No matter the closure type you decide on, the vital factor is that the closure has to look as natural as your hair. Besides, your hairstylist should tell you the closure she is comfortable working with.

In this article, I will give you more information about silk closures and lace closures. This information will help you understand which closure is better for you.

Sounds great? Keep reading to discover more.

Silk Closures

Just as the name suggests, silk closures are made with a silk base. Hair bundles are attached to this base. It is the most natural-looking closure in the hair market. As such, you are not required to bleach its knots before installing this closure.

Silk closures are designed with thick fabric compared to the lace closure. Some of the reasons why some people prefer silk closures include:

  • It looks natural. For instance, the fabric seems as if the hair is growing directly from your scalp.
  • It has a thicker base. This allows it to hide the braids underneath.

Pros of Silk Closures

  • Silk closures have a longer lifespan compared to other closures. This is because it is thicker.
  • The silk base allows the closure to blend seamlessly with the scalp. As such, it is hard for one to notice that you are wearing a closure.
  • It does not require bleaching.

Cons of Silk Closures

  • Silk closures can not lay too flat against the scalp. This is because the closure is a bit thicker.
  • If you have a deep skin color, you will need to dye the silk closure base because it is light in color.

Lace Closures

A lace closure has a round-shaped lace base on which hairs are embedded.

It is thinner compared to the silk closure. As such, it guarantees a more flat attachment when glued along the perimeter of your hairline. This allows it to blend seamlessly with your skin, thus giving you a natural hair look.

However, from experience, I realized that lace closure knots are too dark. For instance, the dark knots at the root of the lace closure make it look unrealistic. Therefore, it is recommended to bleach the knots. This makes the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp.

Pros of Lace Closures

  • It is easy to install. Besides, it stays flat against the scalp. As such, it looks incredibly realistic with any hairstyle.
  • It mimics your scalp look, blends seamlessly with your skin tone, thus giving you a natural look.

Cons of Lace Closure

  • It requires some adjustments for an ultimate result.
  • It needs knot dyeing or bleaching beforehand. Bleached knots will give you a feel as if hairs are growing from your scalp. However, it is vital to note that improper bleaching will ruin your lace closure. Use concealer or foundation to bleach.

Differences Between Silk and Lace Closures

Typically, both silk and lace closures create a scalp-like effect, thus giving the wearer a complete look. However, there are some differences between the two closures:

Closure Colors

It is important to note that lace closures exist in different colors compared to silk closures. These colors are designed to match different skin colors.

Closure Construction

The silk closure has a design or construction that allows it to match the skin color. However, the texture of silk closure is thicker, making it hard to lay seamlessly after being installed. On the other hand, the texture of the lace closure is transparent and thin.

Closure Foundation

One notable difference between silk closures and lace closures is that silk closures do not require knots bleaching, whereas lace closures do. For instance, due to the silk material, all the knots appear to be undetectable and invisible, due to the silk material making it mimic your scalp well when you wear it.

So, Which is Better?

After understanding more about the two types of closure, which one is better? Silk closures or lace closures? It is all about personal preference.

For instance, some individuals prefer using lace closures because it is thinner. Besides, it lays flat against the scalp.

On the other hand, there are individuals who prefer silk closure because it is more durable and thicker.

For you to decide on the perfect closure for yourself, consult your hairstylist. She will give you the best advice since she understands your hair and scalp condition.

However, it is important to note that you are guaranteed the most natural hair look and adequate covering for your baldness no matter the type of hair closure you opt for.

Final Thought

From my experience, both silk closures and lace closures are worth your pick because they all offer a comfortable feel and a scalp-like look.

Hopefully, after understanding more about each closure and their differences, you will know better which closure is perfect and suitable for you.

Let us hear your suggestions or thoughts in the comment section below.


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