September 14, 2021

How To Make a Doll Wig

how to make a doll wig

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This is a guide on how to make a doll wig in 2022.

Hi, my name is Lori and I love wigs, hair extensions, and dolls, over the years, I had made many doll wigs for my collections. I have to say that making a doll wig is fun, interesting, and can be very creative!

In this article, I will share my knowledge and experience about one of the easiest and quickest steps of how to make a simple but fancy-looking doll wig.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

Best Method to Make a Doll Wig

To make a doll wig using glue, you will need the following materials.

Materials Needed

  • A plastic wrap
  • A doll head
  • Two rubber bands
  • White craft glue
  • Glue gun
  • Sturdy fabric

Detailed Steps

Here are the detailed steps to make a doll wig.

Step 1: Make two plastic wraps and fabric cutouts. The cutouts should be square and of equal size. They should also be big enough where it completely covers the entire doll head and leaves some more to spare.

Step 2: Place the doll head at the center of your plastic wrap. Ensure that you keep the plastic wrap flat and smooth at the top as you wrap it around your doll head. Besides, make sure that it is perfectly secured or fixed in place using a rubber band.

It is important to note that the plastic wrap will help in protecting your doll head while making the wig cap that fits its shape and size.

Step 3: Fasten the fabric over the top of your plastic wrap. In a similar way as to how you wrap the plastic wrap, wrap the fabric over the doll head. Make use of the second rubber band to have it nicely secured in place.

Smoothen the fabric along the front hairline and at the crown of the doll head. It is paramount to note that these areas need to be visible in the final wig that you will have made.

Step 4: Wet the fabric using white craft glue. Thickly smear wet glue over the part above the rubber band. Ensure that you rub it deep into the fabric until it gets saturated. You also need to ensure that it is properly coated. Besides, you should leave the fabric to dry for some hours.

The importance of these wet glue is to give the fabric a specific shape because the wet glue dries to conform to the shape of the doll head. Besides, it gives it some stiffness that will enable the wig cap to stay secured in one place once you are done.

Step 5: Add or smear another layer of craft glue thickly, while doing this, ensure that the doll head is covered completely.

You should repeat this process until the wig cap is smoothly touched. Also, ensure that it is thick enough for it to keep its shape. Besides, make sure that it is flexible enough. For instance, you should be able to slip it on the doll’s head and remove it with ease.

Step 6: Cut the rubber band. And then remove the fabric from the doll head. For instance, the fabric needs to slide off with ease. Besides, the wig glue should not break or crack. In case it does, redo the previous process or step.

You can as well remove the plastic wrap at this step and throw it away.

Step 7: Turn your wig cap inside out. For instance, the wig cap side that has fabric needs to be outside since it is here that you will attach wig hair. While the smooth glue layer should be on the inside.

Step 8: Cut off excess fabric, use scissors to trim off the part that does not have any wig glue. It is important to note that you are not required to make the wig cap look perfect at this step.

Step 9:  Nicely secure the wig cap on the doll head. You will be required to start afresh if the wig cap is too loose.

Step 10: Cut the edges of the wig cap. To do this, you need to use a marker or pencil to draw a contour line along with the place that the edge needs to be. Once done, take off the wig and trim the wig cap along this line.

Step 11: Make weft cuts of the wig hair into the section of your wig cap. The wefts should be quite long to loop behind or over the doll’s head. For instance, it should loop from one ear to the other ear.

Step 12: Attach the pre-made wefts of hair into the wig cap using hot glue.

Step 13: Allow the wig glue to get dry.

Step 14: Brush, style, and condition your doll wig.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this topic and my answers to the questions.

What is the Best Glue for Doll Hair?

To avoid your doll wig-making experience from turning into a costly experience, you need to use the best and right type of glue.

From my experience and knowledge, E6000 Craft Adhesive has given me the best results. It’s affordable, waterproof, works on the most surfaces except pleather, non-flammable, and easy to clean.

How Can I Make My Doll’s Hair Nice?

From my experience with doll wigs, I realized that the secrete to making your synthetic doll hair look nice is using fabric softener. For instance, to make your doll wig nice, you need to put two tablespoons of your fabric softener in a spray bottle.

Then fill the bottle with water. You can then spray it in the doll’s hair and massage it using your fingers for 60 seconds before brushing. Finally, brush and style it.

Final Thoughts

You now know how to make a wig for your doll that looks like a mini wig that you wear. One good thing about making a doll wig with this process is that the wig is not secured permanently on the doll wig. You can remove and change it as you wish.


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