October 13, 2021

How to Put on a Wig Cap with Long Hair

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This article is about the best extensions to make kinky twists in 2021.

Kinky twists or passion twists are a great protective style for your hair which allows your hair to grow naturally for 8 weeks. Once installed, they can be left pretty much “as is” for around 8 weeks.

Gorgeous, shoulder-length hair that is thick and luscious and doesn’t need styling for 2 months? Yes, yes, and yes!

Hello, hello! I’m Bianca, and I LOVE hair extensions. Over the last 15 or so years, I have been an avid fan and user of a wide range of extension methods in a variety of countries. And I’m here to share my accumulated knowledge with you!

Protective hairstyles are so important when trying to grow your natural hair out, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Let’s have a look at kinky twist hair and which ones come up tops!

My favorite kinky twist hair extensions were by far the Tiana Passion Twist Hair. I prefer the fact that they are all hand twisted. They look so natural and installation is very quick and easy.

However, not a fan of pre-twisted crochet braids? Never fear, I have collected a few other gems to wow you with! Read on, dear reader, read on!

Quick Summary

3 Best Hair Extensions for Kinky Twists

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best hair extensions for kinky twists, together with a detailed review for each option.

Tiana Passion Twist Hair

  • Key features: Handmade with high quality, flame retardant, and low heat setting hair
  • Extension length: 10-inch passion twist
  • Volume: 11 twists per bundle, 7 bundles per pack = 77 twists
  • Best for: Overall

Tiana Passion Twist Hair is gorgeous and soft. It comes in 7 packs, with 11 braids per pack. This totals a whopping full head of 77 twists.

One pack is more than enough for a full head, and you will have a lovely full, protective hairstyle. It’s easy to manage and great for your own hair as it requires very little manipulation.

The twists themselves are handmade, which means they need very little done to them and look really natural (unlike factory-made twists, which are too shiny and too “perfect” to look natural). The hair itself is lightweight, soft, and lovely.

As the hair is pre-looped and pre-twisted with natural ends it makes this hair a HUGE time saver when it comes to installation. Just cornrow your natural hair and crochet away, friends!

Tiana Passion Twist Hair is a little expensive and not particularly versatile. However, if this is the style you want, and you want a good, solid protective hairstyle that you are happy to commit to for 8 weeks, then this is well worth the money.

Beyond Beauty Spring Twist Crochet Braids

  • Key features: 100% Kanekalon hair
  • Extension length: 8, 10, 12,, and 14 inches
  • Volume: 110 grams per pack
  • Best for: Value

Beyond Beauty Spring Twist Crotchet braids are soft, lightweight, and tangle-free. They are perfect to use for braiding and twists as they are easy to manipulate and set well when dipping.

Beyond Beauty double up the packs so whereas you would normally get about 15 twists in a pack of 55 grams, they offer 30 twists for 110 grams. So you need 3 packs for a full head, which comes per order.

This makes them by far the cheapest hair on our list today and great value for money. They recommend you can use the hair for up to 12 weeks. However, if you wear a silk cap at night, you can extend the life of these extensions to 2 or even 3 installations.

One thing is, these extensions are perfect for 4C hair. If you have super soft hair, then this may be a tricky endeavor, as the hair itself is so soft. The other thing is when you install this hair it is a little shiny, but after a couple of days the shines wears off, and it looks really natural.

Outre Synthetic Braid X-pression Afro Twists

  • Key features: 3 packs per order
  • Extension length: 16 inches pre-separated and pre-fluffed
  • Best for: Versatility

Outré synthetic braid X-pression Afro twist hair is soft, lightweight, and easy to manipulate. It also comes in a wide range of natural colors, no wild colors here, unfortunately. However, for no shedding, no tangling, and no unraveling, it’s a small payoff.

This hair wins the title of most versatile as it looks great if made into an Afro wig, braided, twisted, worn loose, or in a ponytail. Now I know we are focusing on kinky twist styles here, but variety is the spice of life and every girl likes to have options!

So, if you are a bit of a commitment-phobe when it comes to hairstyles, this may be the investment for you! When you order from Outré hair, you get 3 packs of hair delivered. This is more than a full head and, depending on which style you want to go for, you can get a few fun months of different styles out of one order!

The texture of this hair is a little rougher than the others on this list, so if you have smooth and soft natural hair, it may work in your favor. However, if you want your extensions to be soft and fluffy, then one of the other options on this list might be better for you.

Guide to Buying Kinky Hair Extensions

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different sets of kinky hair extensions.

Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair

When it comes to extensions, MOST of the time, human hair is far superior to synthetic hair. However, when it comes to twists and braiding hairstyles, synthetic hair reigns Queen Supreme.

The denser and coarser synthetic hair is easier to manipulate and work into your own hair. Thinner, softer human hair will also slip and you won’t get the longevity you need, and it will need to be manipulated more, making it less of a successful protective hairstyle.

Braid Pattern

You can have the most beautiful house in the world, but without a good foundation, that house will be a wreck in no time. The same logic can be applied to a great kinky twist hairstyle.

You can have the most beautiful hair in the world, but without a good braid pattern, it won’t look good or last as long as it should. Take a look at this brilliant woman here. The below video is a good overview of a good braid pattern, if you need more in-depth help on braid patterns, I would go stalk her YouTube channel.

My Verdict

Tiana Passion Twist Hair is gorgeous, long-lasting and even though it is pre-twisted, it’s done by hand, so you have that beautiful natural look.

Did you try any of these kinky twists out? Let me know in the comments below!


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